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Suggestion For Parkour 2.0 Bullet Jump


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So, bullet jump is kinda awesome, but kinda sucks. It lacks forward momentum, but it's great for gaining air. It's also awkward to use due to needing to crouch and then jump, two actions for one resulting action.


As a suggesting to reduce hand cramping, improve forward momentum, and make the movement more intuitive, I think it would make sense to replace dive roll with a Rockman X style dash.

The mechanics are similar to bullet jump when facing in an upward or diagonally upward direction.

When facing ahead, the mechancs instead give you a bit of forward momentum, very similar to the current dive roll action, but also reduce vertical momentum/speed significantly.(quarter it?)

When facing down, perform a ground stomp from any height. Not a weapon stomp, just maximize your downward momentum, similar to if you'd been falling for a second or more.


This provides a good baseline for forward movement, reduces hand cramping(serious problem post u17; never had issues with hand cramping in any PC game ever before, and I used to playe emulated arcade fighters a lot but now warframe hurts my left hand after a while playing.) and should fit well with the current momentum building and pacing of Parkour 2.0.(one double jump or upward dash and one forward or downward dash per jump)


The upward dash could retain the current animation and mechanics without issue.

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