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The Balancing Of Saryn


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Okay wow. She is completely useless.



General - Being a caster frame it would be appreciated if she had a bit more movement speed to help with energy collection as she is not as tanky as any of the other slow moving frames. (Wait.... frost is faster then her... and has more armor....)


Venom - Alrighty can you even cast this thing? I mean the range is tiny tiny tiny. Boost its range and buff its damage its a tad bit week. Mabye give it a stagger. Make it slightly useful, I mean the tenno in question just got a giant oozing zit of poison popped on there back, make em suffer. 


Molt - Seems to work pretty well, draws attention and seems to deal damage overtime within the radius. I would suggest boosting that radius a little bit and making it harder to see as people in conclave know: IF YOU SEE A GIANT GLOWING AREA DONT WALK INTO IT.


Contagion - Okay cool, this one works well and buffs melee really nice, i would like to see it mabye give like a 10% boost to melee attack speed, as melee dreadfully slow in CC but other then that nice job.


Miasma - now i cant put it better then someone else did in another thread. I have to hug people for this to catch em. And that's ridiculous. Buff the range. Buff the damage overtime. Neither are enough. Also give it a stagger. I mean come on radial blind has a stagger. When every warframe is trying resist being corroded by the very air they are walking through they better freakin stagger.

*hides inside of tank*

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Saryn is absolutely, seriously, seriously in need of PvP buffs.

Venom has a cast range of spitting distance (10m) and does 1 damage per second for 8 seconds. Absolute utter garbage.

Molt does nothing. Simple as that. It doesn't look like Saryn at all so you'd have to be absolutely clueless to bother shooting it.

Contagion actually works quite well assuming she can live long enough to finish casting it before a battle.

And Miasma.... Just... Wut. 0.25 damage per second for 4 seconds. A 100 energy cost ability that does a whopping 1 damage over the time it takes for the enemy to kill you during the ability's follow through animation. Why even bother putting Saryn into PvP if she has what amounts to one ability?

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