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Game Freezes Constantly When.......


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Game Freezes Constantly when.......

 A) Someone with a Faster Internet Connection Leaves the Group after a Mission and your are still Zoning Out.  What really sucks is EVERYTHING you SPENT or RECIEVED IS NOW LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


B) You Fail to Join a Session or Someone Leaves a Session During Any Loading Phase of the Game.


You really need to Fix the Save Points so it is IMMEDIATELY Upon Completion not Once you are at the Main Screen.  Mission Objective Completed should = AUTOSAVE.   I cannot count how many times I have lost Mods because I have a slower Modem Speed.  I can play the game Just Fine but Once the Mission is Over ... Anyone leaving Group before I get to main screen and the Game LOCKS UP.


I have to give you credit... when Warframe Locks Up ...... it doesn't do it half &#!... it locks up Completely so that you have to ALT TAB then Open Task Manager and End Processes on Warframes.

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