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Image Leakings: New Room In Relay


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I found this while I was parcouring in the Cephalon Suda room in Relays and after I post this threat I will immidiatly report this glitch on the correct forum page.


I found a glitch, using the new parcour 2.0 in the Cephalon Suda room which allows you to get outside the Relay.

While falling into the deep, dark hole when you fall out of the world, I landed in a room. At first I taught that I was teleported back to the Relay, but then I saw that the doors where black and that there was no room like it.


The room has a total of 4 doors I believe, and is completely symmetrical. It has 2 air elevators and some nice benches in the middle. The elevators, as well as the doors, currently lead to nothing but darkness, and the elevators seem to come out on the ground floor of the Relay, where the other elevators are, but I'm not entirely sure. That's all there is to this room, but I think that we can expect some bigger rooms will be connected to the currently black doors.


The pictures are taken from the north side, and the south side. And you'll probably see, as I said, that the room is very symmetrical.

Picture 1 North


Picture 2 South



Also, if this could possibly ban me from the game or have any other bad consequences, I would like to be informed about them. I hope you guys like it and please comment down below what you guys think this will lead to in the future.


If you'd like to learn how to do this, if the glitch doesn't get patched, just look at my bug report: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/504192-getting-outside-the-relay/

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When the relays first came out there was a glitch where you could use your Warframe abilities in the relay. There were Lokis switch teleporting everywhere and Zephyrs sticking to the ceiling. I can't remember for certain this part that you showed, but as a fun fact the relay has like five stories that go below it in basements.

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Daaaangit ;_; Why'd this have to be reported? I love that little room.

Sorry, but it is and stays a bug.


And for the others, I didn't know that this glitch was out for so long. I taught that it was just since Parkour 2.0.


EDIT: Also, I'll link my report for the glitch in the thread, just give me a minute

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Oh this place.


I'm not gonna Slowpoke you as I don't think it was ever spoken of much but this has been around since people first started trying to glitch through the relay walls and be Sky Tenno.


You can parkor up the elevator shafts there which line up with the two similar glowing columns in the 'main' area. Other tenno can see you through the glass even when you do that.


Glad to know it's still able to be reached having not tried for a while.

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