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Wts> Mods, Prime Parts, And Kubrow Imprint (All Prices Negotiable)

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Maxed Hallowed Reckoning (20 plat)

Maxed Steady Hands (10 plat)

MaxedCoolant Leak (15 plat)

Maxed Thunderbolt (15 plat)


Unranked Beserker (15 plat)

Unranked Heavy Trauma (10 plat)

Unranked Burdened Magazine (10 plat)

Unranked Creeping Bullseye (10 plat)

Unranked Fired Up (5 plat)

Unranked Rapid Resilience (10 plat)

Unranked Iron Phoenix (10 plat)

Unranked Streamline (10 plat)




Ember Prime Chassis (5 plat)

Hikou Prime BP (10 plat)

Nyx Prime Systems (20 plat)

Paris Prime Grip (5 plat)

Paris Prime Lower Limb (5 plat)


Kubrow Imprint:


Breed: Sasha

Sex: Female

Color: White

Build: Athletic

Starting Bid: 100 plat

Buy-Out Price: 200 Plat

(If you wish to see her contact me in game, I can't seem to get the picture attached to the Post.)

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