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A Call To Help (Graphics Card Issue) Tech Challenge Edition


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I recently got my hands on two Nvidia Quadros 6000 and one FX5800 in a scrap : the issues for which they were scrapped are the following (written on post-its) : 


1st Quadro 6000 : there is absolutely no output on both displayports (my theory to be tested -» Update VBIOS and check ouput solder to PCB ?)


2nd Quadro 6000 : When rebooted, the card stops displaying anything, if still have to verify if it still operates calculations-wise via a second functional card. also, the control panel didn't find any S/N, while I can see it on the physical card (VBIOS to be flashed again ?)


Quadro FX 5800 : no output on DVI ports (Ditto on first one for potential fix)



As I have not tested those cards in a functional PC yet (damn, can't find any power supplies with 1-6pin + 1-8pin), I guess it's a bit early to make a thread for help, but i'd like to see what other people got in mind for potential fixes.


any ideas ?


PS. if I discover the guys prior to me scrapped these quadros due to driver or mobo BIOS issues, i'll laugh my butt off !

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