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Get Your Kyrto Plushie Today!


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Ever wanted a cute sidekick? Or perhaps just a cuddle plushie? Hell, you can get both, today, with the super woober dooble Kyrto plushie!


He will try his best to:

1.Stay as far away as possible from you, trying to look dramatic, but failing epicly because JUST LOOK AT THAT, HELIOS IS BIGGER THAN HIM.


2.Not to get pissed at your taunts


3.Chase off enemies with the hatred he racked up from all your taunts; Manics will run scared S#&$less!



However he might:

1.Give you some death glares, threaten you and your family, and swear to stab you in the d^*%.


2.Go Super Saiyan.





What are you waiting for? GET YOUR KYRTO PLUSHIE TODAY, FOR JUST 69.99; Batteries not included.

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Question, does it come in pink?

Yes it comes in pure hatred pink.

Will it try to murder me in my sleep?

As long as you won't forget the batteries in, no.

How much pl is it ?

The amazing Kyrto plushie comes for the amazing price of 69.99 Platinum! Batteries not included.

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Does it vibrate?

Oh yes, it has 3 vibration options: "Calm Kyrto, calm...", "I'm so going to kill you all" and "I'M GOING TO STAB YOU IN THE NUTS AND $&*^ AND EVERYTHING AND DIE ALREADY". Don't use the last one unless you can really handle the devastating vibration power.

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Also since Little Kyrto is so well recieved we are announcing a Dual Grakata Limited Edition with a Grineer Marine Helmet skin for all your Dakka needs (Does not come with a Primary Grakata or Prisma Grakata)

Batteries not included (nor ammo).

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