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Oh Boy, I Sure Love How The Twin Grakatas Has 1200 Reserve Ammo..


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Meanwhile all other full-auto twin side-arms are still stuck at 210.




Digital Extremes (i thought if i write the full name instead of DE they might take it more seriously) could you please change those few lines of code to give the other full auto side arms more reserve ammo.



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While some do need more ammo resurve.. I think the Twin Grakatas need it the most because of it's insane 20 BpS firerate.


Dex Furis (also Afuris) says hello with 100 magazine and 210 max ammo, shooting 20 rounds per sec.

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Agreed, it's the main reason why I'm not using those weapons much. I mean 210 ammo is more than plenty for something like the Vaykor Marelok. For something that is fully auto and spits out between 10-25 rounds per seconds on the other hand it's a joke.



My solution:




It's not workable for things like defense missions for example. Simply because you will run our of ammo with most dual auto sidearms long before the round is over and leaving Frost's globe to cruise around collecting ammo can be really unhealthy against hordes of high level enemies.



Put trick mag on it, just do it.




2k ammo...


Great idea, since pistol ammo mutation is already required anyway, this would make it 2 non-damage mods just to make the ammo management workable. On weapons that depend on a crit build to do damage that would not even leave enough space to put on 2 elemental mods to get a single elemental combo.

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No. Basically, the fire rate is double what's listed, because the two Grakatas fire in tandem.

By bad joke i meant a 57k dps monster that has 5 time the reserve ammo of the other auto secondaries despite having no more than 4 times their firerate. Anku/atterax again?
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