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Dual Bronco


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Well S#&$ that sucks =\

Wish they would transfer it.

If only I knew there would be a Dual Bronco I wouldn't have potato it.


And what would happen if you put two Broncos with potatos in them (unlikely as that is but still)?


In all fairness, this similar event happens with all AkWeapons. Sucks, but you're essentially burning the weapon for crafting materials, not just learning Gun Kata for 12 hours.

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The only real option is to keep the tatered Bronco and get two more broncos.


You will be the legendary Tri-Bronco user.


So, when I bought the Dual Broncos recipe, it stated that I already had 2 Broncos, which is accurate: I have the one with the equipped 'tato, and I've now built 2 additional ones. When I go to build the Duals, will I have an option to ensure that the maxed & 'tato'd Bronco ISN'T used, since I have the 2 brand new ones that I specifically crafted for the purpose of crafting a Dual Bronco?

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