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Lag + Angstrum = Totally Uselessness

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I am facing heavy impacting issues, while using an Angstrum on lagful hosted sessions.


It was definitely more than 2s delay between each action/reaction/resonance.


As far as I noticed, the hoster were talking russian and wasn't able to reply in english.

Could be please get a better ping restrictor, which has a stricter rule about connections between players from X to X?

From mid EU (in my case) to Russia?

About 100 runs, where russians where hosting a game, approximately 10 were able to host with a decent ping.

That is just horrific.


My ping limitations is at 150ms - that shouldn't even be possible joining such laggy sessions!


I am not the only one who suffered during such "gameplay" (more like a nightmare):


Hitting almost ... zero infested units...



Not quite a weak weapon...

but still yet the worst result...




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