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Parkour 2.0 Feedback


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Im not here to say bring back 1.0 or that it sucks, just some constructive bits i find need tweaking in 2.0




A. Back flipping off a vertical wall dash isnt easy/or possible, used this frequently before seems you have to spin and bullet jump for a similar effect


B. Chaining a jump off a horizontal wall run is more difficult and should be easier like in PK 1.0


C. Vaulting doesn't seem to work right, idk maybe its just changed and only really low obstacles?


D. Chaining Bullet Jump > Wall Run should be easier, it doesn't work sometimes and you just charge at a wall and don't start dashing



Ill add more if I find any other little things to comment on, otherwise loving PK 2.0

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Seeing the name of this topic I wanted to ask "Why one more", but this isn't a regular useless rant, you have your point. I want to add more to what you've said.


A. We simply could replace a jump off a wall with backflip in cases when your sight is nearly perpendicular to this wall and you were holding S.

D. Bullet jump should be more powerful when you pointing to the ground (to have horizontal propulsion) if used less constantly. Also it shouldn't throw you up too high, because rooms are small.


E. Parkour 2.0 tends to be more about flow and offer smooth transitions between different tricks, I'd suggest it to save player momentum more efficiently, so if player does everything right - his movement speed increases to a crazy amount until he stops or something stops him. Badass running should also include sounds and hud visual effects of an air flow (we have appropriate loops used for flight moments).

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