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Is There A Server Problem Going On?

(XBOX)SciMan Says

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The last few days it has taken forever for the chat boxes to even load, sometimes more than a half hour in-game before it turns on. 


Now today I just spent 30 minutes doing intercept on Earth and when I extracted the stupid game gave me the BS "your progress couldn't be saved" message and I pretty much pissed away all that time and effort, not to mention the chat box still hadn't connected.


Is Warframe under some sort of DDOS attack or are they just really lazy with fixing their servers? I haven't read about any update or maintenance that is going on. 

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yeah just got booted from the game for the update but now getting the "Some updates couldn't be downloaded from our servers. Pleasr restart warframe message." All my friends Im online with are getting the same as well :-/

Please restart your console to receive new update.
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