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Maybe It's For The Best (My Personal Opinion)


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So I been in full gear this week with u 17 hype train.

Doing lore hunting and futa frame farming.

The hype got intensified for "Natah" quest. But I still can't find the drone. Until yesterday I finally scan it. Was so hype I double scan it just to make sure.

Buuuut I didn't get the quest. I don't know why. So I just keep drone hunting. But I still can't get another scan.

So ahh f4ck it... go read the wiki.

After I read it. I got a mix feeling.

Maybe it's for the best not to know her secret.

Maybe that because the quest only available through drone hunt.

And I personally think this quest made available because the tenno was torn apart. Choose to follow her or against her.(especially at forum)

kudos to de for this game and the lack of lore it brings. Maybe that because this game keep going and going.


I think u17 is more about lotus. My first u17 kubrow hatchling is lotus! And a few people I know got lotus kubrow as well.

And yeah for now my warframe universe choose not to know her secret. Who knows maybe we can get a lore split

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basicly we're the Avenger

we have our own jet, a neatly Relay, and a white, female, mommy version of Nick Furry


Edit: oh and we apreantly share the same lore of Captain American origin 

Edit 2.0: oh and Loki is on our side

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