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Warframe-Foundry 2.0


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Instead of a direct upgrade for our current system I propose that we have choice In how our foundry is improved.


My system involves players crafting new types of foundries and augments.


Foundries are the base, and Augments fuction as situational powerups.




Foundry switching takes 24 hours as it does require moving and installing heavy machinery, however the benefit's you recieve from changing foundry should be worth it.



Overclocked Foundry- Makes gear in 1/2 the time, however the other half of the time nothing can be contructed as the foundry is cooling off.


Mass Production Foundry- Can make multiple of the same Item at the same time, but all crafting times are increased by 60%.


Platinum Injected Foundry- All platinum rush costs are cut by 80%, however builds can only be completed with Platinum


Induction Foundry- Begins at 150% craft time, but heats up with every build, at maximum effeciency it can complete a build in 2/3 its original time.


Frugal Foundry- Foundry has 10% more build time, but build's cots 40% less resources and Credits


Experimental Foundry- Resource and credit costs are doubled, but build time is 20% faster


Receptive Foundry- Comes with an extra augment slot




Augment's fuction like arcane helmets(old) and have both positive and negative stats.  All foundries have 2 slots with the exception of the Receptive foundry which gains a 3rd.  An augment can be applied multiple times for increased affect



Grineer/Corpus/Infested Augments- Builds weapons and research-resources(detonite injector, feildron, Mutagen mass) of these factions 20% more quickly, build's all factions that don't have an augment installed 50% as fast.


Orokin/Tenno Augment- Builds (prime)Seninels, (prime)Warframes, and Tenno (prime)Weapons 15% faster

builds all non-tenno/prime gear 50% as quickly( this deubuff is removed by adding a different faction augment,  there is no need to counter-act it)


Attack Augment- builds all weapons  15% faster- builds gear half as fast


Carriage Augment- Builds all Frames and Sentinels 12% faster- builds weapons at 3/4 normal speed


Gear Augment- can build all 'Gear' 30% faster- builds all frames and frame parts at only a 3rd of the normal speed


Experienced Augment- Stores memories of the last item queued up( does not have to be completed) and uses that to increase a counter, every additional queued item reduces future build time by 2%- this is reset when a new build is selected


Lucky Augment-  Whenever an item's crafting is started, a random perk is chosen, the available perks are, ordered by rarity, 

60%-Overcalculation(you get 50% of resources refunded)

20%-Time warp(HALVES construction time) 

10%-Overproduction( builds a random gear item for free) 

5%-Happy Accident( weapons/frames come pre-potatoed, all other builds result in double the requested item)

3%- FAILURE(woops your resources got wasted)

2%- CRITICAL- Build completed instantly




Listed here are some ways players could use this system to make truly powerful builds- or just run with the lucky augment and the overclocked foundry- hell is seems good enough, riiiight?


BUILD NAME: where forma is formed

Foundry- Mass production

Augments: Experienced Augment; Lucky Augment

Description: perfect to finally build that collection of forma BP's if you have 30 queued up you completely negate the Mass production foundries only draw back, however you won't be building anything else for a while.



BUILD NAME: Chroma & Equinox

Foundry- Induction Foundry

Augments: Tenno augment; Carriage Augment

description: by using the extra parts equinox and chroma have as fodder to get the induction foundry up to speed,  you can  reduce equinox's 6 day build time to only 4- by adding the augments you can get this down to about 64 hours- faster than a normal frame build




Foundry- Overclocked

Augments- Lucky, Weapon augment

Description: used by players who have already built all the available frames to rapidly increase their mastery.




there are many more combinations, I encourage you all to provide feedback, or to try and find overpowered combinations in this system
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Good idea, but I wouldn't see myself using anything other than Overclocked

EDIT: Now that I think about it, it's kinda weak actually. NOTHING can be built?

That's a massive nerf. I usually cook a Forma, maybe a potato, a weapon or frame when possible, and then some gear on top.

Yeah, no.


Frugal, maybe..


With Experienced and Attack augments, because all others are eeeh.

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Kind of related - it would be great if we could get a "reduce build time" daily login reward. If we get that, then we get a bonus such as;

- items that are currently building get 1 hour removed from their remaining time,

-1 random item is rushed for free,

- Next item we build that day has reduced build time.

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One thing I want to see is a "foundry cache". That is Every item you build first goes to your foundry, then you place it into your inventory (But you cannot place something from your inventory into the cache). And that Items in your cache can be used as materials to construct new items.

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This doesn't look noob friendly, I'm happy with how the foundry works now.

Idealy they would be upgrades, thought it went without saying, Nothing in warframe is a handout, and I meant to imply that all foundries and augments would require work to obtain.  of course the existing foundry would remain for lower level players

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