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Ps4: Excalibur Revisited

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No matter your play style, Excalibur is always a formidable Warframe choice.  With newly re-worked Abilities, he is now more versatile than ever.  
The following changes have been made to Excalibur’s Abilities.  Please note that we will continue to monitor these changes after launch to make any necessary tweaks to balance.
- First Ability: Slash Dash: Slash Dash will now target enemies within a conal distance from Excalibur, targeting all enemies within the range of cast.  Enemies hit by Slash Dash will count towards the player’s melee combo counter.
- Second Ability: Radial Blind: Cast on the move and opens AI to finishers.
- Third Ability: Super Jump has been removed from Excalibur’s Abilities.
- Third Ability: Radial Javelin is now Excalibur’s third Ability and costs 75 Energy to activate.
- Fourth Ability: New Ability: Exalted Blade: Excalibur summons a sword of pure light and immense power.
- Stat changes: Excalibur Armor:  Excalibur’s base has been increased to 225.
- Excalibur’s Abilities have all been given a visual overhaul in line with his new Exalted Blade ability.
Complement Excalibur's updated powers with these new items, available in the Market now:
- Let Excalibur stand apart with skin and helmets forged from the purest Prisma Crystal.
- This Excalibur Warframe has been coated with liquid Prisma, enriched by pure Void energy.
- Three new, unique helmets for Excalibur, coated with liquid Prisma and enriched by pure Void energy.
- Discovering the precise nature of the Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin has proved elusive. Initial attempts at dating point to ancient origins, perhaps even predating Orokin Empire. Available from August 7th until August 14th @ 2pm ET, after which it will return to the vault!
- Decorate your Liset with new Prisma and Proto-Excalibur Noggle Statues!   
- KYROPTERA SYANDANA, ORMOLU SKIN BUNDLE and New Augment Mods available now!
Tenno, give your Warframe honorable style with the new Kyroptera Syandana! Complement the look with the Ormolu Weapon Skin Bundle, including a Skin for the Kyroptera. Add power to your Warframe with new Ability Augment Mods!
- Add the Kyroptera version of the traditional Tenno Syandana to your Warframe. Forged by Tenno artisans, its design is inspired by winged night creatures.
- Ormolu Skins for your Daikyu, Akbolto, Bolto and Tipedo Weapons as well as the Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana will add an honorable brass and gold finish.
- Simulor Gravitational Singularity Generator available now!
Send the enemy into oblivion! The Simulor Gravitational Singularity Generator produces miniature Gravitational Singularities that can be used for scientific study or self-defense.  
Add the Simulor to your Arsenal by visiting the Market or obtain the blueprint from Cephalon Simaris’ Sanctuary today!
- Mesa: Staggering Shield: Reflected bullets have a 50% chance to stumble enemies.
- Oberon: Hallowed Reckoning: Enemies killed by Reckoning create small areas of Hallowed Ground for 10 seconds. Enemies standing in the Hallowed Ground take 150 damage per second, while allies gain 250 armor.
- Clan Warlords now have permissions to Kick and Suspend for certain timeframes in Clan & Alliance chat channels. Warlords also have the ability to grant this Permission to other Clan members.
- Added a ‘Charge Rate’ stat to the Arsenal for charge based weapons (bows, etc). You now have a number to associate your weapon Charge rate with - it will show how it is affected by the Fire Rate mods that you have equipped!

- Three new Emotes (+ 1 returning) are now available in game!  These Emotes are free for all our Tenno, and can be equipped via the Arsenal under Emotes.  Equip your favorite Emotes and express yourself today!
- Two new Action Emotes are now available for use: Clap and Shrug.
- Two new Nartas are now available for use: Eclipse and Fathom.
- Players can now customize what Emotes and Nartas they want to use via the Arsenal.
- Crewman Lore has been entered to Simaris’ database.
- The Lucky Shot PvP Mod is now compatible with Bows.
- The first map will now be selected randomly in all Conclave game types.
- Players will no longer spawn in waves in Team Annihilation.
- Host Migration can now occur during Team Select screen.
- Excalibur has been rebalanced for PvP in accordance with his recent overhaul.
- The Tainted Mag Mod has been removed from use in Conclave.
- Rhino’s Charge will now toss enemies into the air when hit, ragdolling them.
- Rhino’s Roar will now last 30 seconds, regardless of rank.
- Duration Mods can now buff the duration enemies spend suspended in mid-air from Rhino’s Stomp.
The following changes have been made to Ember in both PvE and Conclave:
- Casting animations for World on Fire have been shortened to match Fire Blast’s.
- The base duration of Ember’s Accelerant is now 30 seconds regardless of rank.
- Ember’s Accelerant now provides a buff to casting speed for the duration of the Ability (Equivalent to a max-rank Natural Talent).
- Ember’s Accelerant will now display a duration timer in the player’s HUD.
- Tar-Mutalist’s AoE tar and Nanite Swarms can now be destroyed by AoE or melee damage.
- The Nanite Swarm’s screen-darkening visual effect and duration has been reduced.
- Nanite Swarms have a reduced duration when travelling to players and now last 6 seconds when travelling in the environment.
- The Excavation spawn logic has been replaced with the logic Survival has been using since February; rather than a slow stream of enemies they will now come in slightly more coordinated waves with gaps between them for pacing.

- The Dark Sector achievement has been changed to fix the achievement being unobtainable due to the Armistice. It is now obtainable by completing any 5 missions on an uncontested Dark Sector node. This change does not affect players who already had progress in the achievement. 
- Added a marker to capture consoles to make the target more easily visible.
- Eos Prime Shoulder cosmetics are now properly labeled with ‘left’ and ‘right’.
- The Excavation Scanner has been removed from the Codex.
- Players can now control the camera when using the Dojo Pigment preview.
- Adjusted the Ancient Healers healing pulse to be similar to a Small Team Health Restore with decreased frequency and a slightly shorter radius to match the Aura.
- Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones will no longer show cosmetic attachments for clients, or if your particle quality is set to low. This change is in an attempt to resolve reports of Performance/crash reports related to Mirage.
- Simulacrum missions no longer count towards Mission Failed or Mission Quit statistics.
- Users who are playing with UI/HUD off will no longer see outlines of their Squad allies through walls. This should help with Machinima/Content Creators needing cleaner scenes!
- Enabled the following skin usage:
- Day of the Dead now works on Vaykor Marelok.
- Shock Camo now works on the Secura Dual Cestras.
- Grineer Forest Camo now works  work on the Rakta Ballistica
- Ormolu Skin now works on the Telos Akbolto!
- Players can now invite players to their clans from the chat menu.
- Exterminate minimap markers have been tweaked to make it less likely that you will leave a stray enemy behind and have to backtrack.
- Adjustments have been made to the Kyroptera Syandana that should allow for better flip-flop physics.
- Optimized the load time and memory footprint of the relays.
- Players joining an Defense Mission mid-progress will now only be able to join before the start of the 4th enemy wave- after then the mission is considered 'objective complete'.
- Standardized naming conventions for Warframe Animation Sets.
- Improved the visual tint on the Tigris.
- Volt’s Overload will now cause destructive visual effects on nearby active light fixtures when used.
- Players will now see a quantity listed next to the Arcane Enhancements in their inventory.
- Added Rare 5 Fusion Core Bundles and Uncommon Fusion Core Bundles to Hard/ Easy Archwing Interception reward tables, respectively.
- Noggle capacity in the Liset has been increased!
- Users with Chat Moderation privileges have their chat messages display in Purple Text.
- Made several small optimizations for long-running missions with lots of loot.
- Slightly adjusted the audio FX on Channeling.
- Players can now change their Emotes in the Arsenal.
- Information on the Simulor’s radial damage per-projectile stack has been added to the Arsenal.
- Reduced the Aksomati’s reload time from 2.8 to 1.4.
- Removed enemy scaling from some Mastery Rank tests available in the Relay.
- Nightmare assassinate missions will no longer select the "mission time limit" challenge mode.
- Mag’s Greedy Pull Augment will now only draw in items for Mag.
- Time-mission Nightmare variants will no longer appear in Assassination Missions.


- Fixed broken HUD scaling.
- Fixed an issue with blurry attachments on Warframes (Targis Prime, etc).
- Fixed an issue with incorrect Waypoint markers on Earth Spy missions..
- Fixed an issue with loadouts not saving if a player does not leave the Arsenal before entering a mission.
- Fixed players falling out of the map when joining in-progress Missions on the Corpus Gas City tileset.
- Fixed the Grineer Toxin Injector appearing under ‘Tenno’ in the Codex.
- Fixed offset placement of the Aseron Sekhara badge.
- Fixed players colliding with light fixtures in the Earth Spy Vault tileset.
- Fixed a couple typos and grammar errors in Simaris’ Synthesis lore.
- Fixed an issue occurring in doorways in Earth Spy Missions.
- Fixed navigation markers not showing proper pathing on Corpus Gas City tilesets.
- Fixed Soma Prime not sitting properly on Saryn when holstered.
- Fixed the Paris Prime and Diakyu sitting strangely on some Warframes.
- Fixed grammatical errors in the description of Trials in the Codex.
- Fixed an error that would occur in Interception when Rounds would not progress after killing the remaining enemies.
- Fixed Lieutenant Lech Kril being unkillable due to players not being able to properly hit him with ranged weapons.
- Fixed Syndicate Spy missions not giving Vault rewards.
- Fixed Shotgun Mods not being included in the Conclave EOM rewards.
- Fixed all types of Ancient Healers not having the same Aura and healing pulse.
- Fixed incorrect color on the Elytron’s Thumper ability.
- Fixed Castana explosions not using the proper energy color.
- Fixed Frost’s Snowglobe giving two visual effects for Clients.
- Fixed thrown weapons not showing the proper energy trails.
- Fixed spawning issue on Corpus Gas City tileset that would cause players to spawn inside of walls.
- Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols appearing when previewing other Warframes.
- Fixed two copies of Oberon’s Reckoning FX showing on cast.
- Fixed decorative Lotus symbols on challenge icons spinning sideways.
- Fixed the minimap in Tutorial Missions not properly displaying the outline of the level.
- Fixed Captain Vor not properly using his abilities or attacks in the Tutorial Missions.
- Fixed several broken energy color effect.
- Fixed Tonkor grenades bouncing off Boss weak points.
- Fixed radial damage not properly working against Lephantis.
- Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols not being holstered when viewed in the Archwing Arsenal.
- Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence affecting enemies outside of its range.
- Fixed bullet deflection effects not playing on Mesa’s Shatter Shield.
- Fixed the Daikyu having no charge limit in Conclave.
- Fixed visual issues on Orokin-Corrupted Corpus firing animations.
- Fixed the Lanka’s fire rate not properly updating with fire rate Mods.
- Fixed Zanuka becoming stuck on crates in various tilesets.
- Fixed some visual issues on the Capture Target previewed in Simaris’ Library.
- Fixed an issue allowing players to take damage from Elytron’s Warhead.
- Fixed the Attica not firing as a silent weapon - the weapon is now functioning as a Silent weapon by design.
- Fixed some alt-helmets not sitting properly on Prime Warframes.
- Fixed the Gear menu not opening when players have their UI disabled.
- Fixed Sentinels and Kubrow having shields in no-shields Nightmare Missions.
- Fixed the Loadout selection menu buttons appearing on screen when accessing the pause menu from the Conclave Mode selection menu.
- Fixed players fast switching Arsenal loadouts causing Archwing to appear in the PvE loadout.
- Fixed a freeze that would occur when trying to view the Darvo Deal menu.
- Fixed Clan type and total number of members not properly displaying in the Clan menu under Communication.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when viewing End of Mission results in the Liset after completing a Conclave match.
- Fixed the Lucky Shot/Blind Shot Conclave Mod adding accuracy instead of decreasing it.
- Fixed NPCs getting stuck in cover and ignoring the player.
- Fixed being able to spawn two of the same type of Specters if you have two different types of Specters equipped. The intention of Specters is to have only one instance for each type of Specter summoned.
- Fixed Tonkor’s iron sights not closing when quick meleeing.
- Fixed Grineer on Earth tilesets falling under the level; making them unkillable.
- Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors causing a crash if you had no customizations on your Warframe or Melee weapon.
- Fixed Syndicate Medallions being invisible.
- Fixed Charge weapons not firing properly if you had any Fire Rate mods equipped.
- Fixed being unable to purchase Syndicate Restore Blueprints in Relays.
- Fixed another issue causing players to take damage from Elytron’s Warhead ability.
- Fixed a visual issue that could occur with Rhino’s Iron Skin FX.
- Fixed some audio cues inappropriately looping in Survival Missions.
- Fixed a typo in ‘The New Strange’ Quest dialogue.
- Fixed some instances of players seeing multiple bubbles when Limbo casts Cataclysm.
- Fixed the Anku not appearing in the Codex.
- Fixed two Tempo Royale Mod entries appearing in the Codex.
- Fixed Oberon’s agile animation being incorrectly labeled in the Arsenal.
- Fixed Sugatras not properly attaching to the Anku.
- Fixed players being able to reach the ceiling of Lephantis’ lair after the boss encounter has been completed.
- Fixed players being able to ignore System or Global messages.
- Fixed the Prisma Grakata not being tradable.
- Fixed the Prisma Grakata not showing in Codex.
- Fixed Host Migrations not working properly when a player chooses to leave Conclave matches.
- Fixed players being able to send Clan invites without the proper permissions.
- Fixed an issue causing the Datamass falling through levels at the start of a Missions on a certain Ceres spawn tile.
- Fixed texture issues that would occur on some Grineer catwalks.
- Fixed duplicate entries for the Gorgon that would appear in player profile after killing certain enemies under the effects of Mind Control.
- Fixed an issue causing an inappropriate amount of bounces from some projectile weapons.
- Fixed a broken image showing in the Art Gallery.  
- Fixed players not being able to leave a Mission if a Client revives partway through the G3 capture process.
- Fixed players being unable to sell Arcanes.
- Fixed Banshee’s Sonic Fracture Mod not affecting all enemies when used by Clients.
- Fixed players being unable to select what Mission they would like to start when there are multiple Missions on a node.
- Fixed the weapon ammo counter appearing when unarmed.
- Fixed the timer in the Dojo Obstacle Course never counting up from 0.
- Fixed the Para Carrier skin showing code in its description.
- Fixed Syndicate Medallions becoming invisible during Syndicate Missions
- Fixed an issue causing Host Migrations in Conclave to not end a round properly for all players.
- Fixed extra corpses appearing when players die while invisible.
- Fixed an issue causing Atomos particle effects to hover in mid-air after being fired.
- Fixed an issue that would cause some stats in the Arsenal to display one percent lower than they actually are.
- Fixed an issue preventing players from crafting blueprints in the Tutorial Quest 'Vor's Prize'.
- Fixed some door audio effects playing too loudly.
- Fixed some instances of duplicate player names showing up in the list of chat users.
- Fixed an issue where the Aegis (from Silva and Aegis) would not collapse when holstered.
- Fixed some instances of the Datamass spawning in walls on the Corpus Gas City tileset.
- Fixed a wall in Conclave’s Underwater Lab tileset that did not have proper collision.
- Fixed players being able to start Annihilation and Team Annihilation matches alone.
- Fixed cloth physics not properly reacting to falling distances.
- Fixed a visual FX issue that would appear when Mirage used Hall of Mirrors.
- Fixed Grineer Dregs not taking any melee damage when attacked from the front.
- Fixed the Jackal being unable to attack players standing underneath him.
- Fixed an issue preventing Ordis’ volume to return to default when players select ‘Default’ in the Sound settings.
- Fixed the Red Veil’s Grineer hostage in Relays strangely missing a face.
- Fixed the Kubrow Incubator in the Liset showing the incorrect texture after a player rushes incubation.
- Fixed an issue preventing player from selecting cosmetic items after choosing a cosmetic and cancelling an Arcane upgrade.
- Fixed markers in Archwing Interception Missions sometimes appearing in the wrong locations.
- Fixed a crash that would occur, triggered during a Host Migration mid-Mission.
- Fixed duplicate Syandanas appearing for Clients on Chroma’s Effigy.
- Fixed Despair using the wrong audio FX on impact.
- Fixed some incorrect audio FX occurring on melee attacks.
- Fixed an issue causing the Stalker’s Codex entry to be in English for all regions.
- Fixed Mag’s Shield Polarize not properly reflecting her custom energy color when used on enemies.
- Fixed Crossfire Missions on Mars incorrectly labelling on faction as Orokin.
- Fixed the Fusion MOA’s lasers creating bad visual effects when striking Zephyr’s Turbulence.
- Fixed an issue caused by Rescue targets not properly being able to properly navigate to waypoints.
- Fixed placeholder text in English appearing for other regions on the Arsenal’s Gear wheel menu.
- Fixed Tower 4 Interception not appearing on the weekly Leaderboards.
- Fixed a crash that would occur in PhysX when playing the Sargas Ruk boss fight.
- Fixed some Missions that require Keys not giving proper rewards associated with the Key.
- Fixed a typo in Lephantis’ in-game conversation text.
- Fixed Limbo’s Cataclysm becoming stuck if players are downed inside the bubble.
- Fixed an issue where the Pause menu could be opened underneath other open menus.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when two players join the same team in Conclave, followed by the Client leaving and rejoining the match.
- Fixed incorrect stats showing on the Primed Pistol Gambit Mod in the Arsenal - it now has the proper base of 17% chance increase, leading to a possible 187% when fully ranked.
- Fixed Archwing items purchased from the Void Trader to not show in player Arsenal.
- Fixed charged beams from the Opticor not aiming properly when fired by Mirage’s clones.
- Fixed a crash that would occur in the Dojo relating to the leaderboard in the Obstacle Course.
- Fixed enemies focusing their attacks on player Sentinels after Banshee’s Silence has been cast.
- Fixed Ordis consecutively repeating the same transmission. 
- Fixed some weapons not properly adding damage to Nova’s Antimatter Drop.
- Fixed some projectiles not properly doing damage to Nova’s Antimatter Drop and Grineer door sensors.
- Fixed Fusion MOA’s ranged attack causing issues with damage absorbed by Nova’s Antimatter Drop.
- Fixed Ember’s Accelerant HUD timer not showing the effect of duration Mods.
- Fixed multiple typos in Dojo room descriptions.
- Fixed alarms in Capture Missions repeating over and over.
- Fixed an issue preventing the Gold Skull Badge from being visible for both Warframes and Sentinels.
- Fixed an issue caused by trying to host a Dojo while in a Squad, forcing players to disband their squad first.
- Fixed players being unable to pass through destroyable level features on the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.
- Fixed players being able to fall through the floor of the Oracle Dojo room.
- Fixed the Angstrum always showing as having 0 magazine capacity.
- Fixed incorrect visual effect showing on Trinity’s Energy Vampire.
- Fixed overlapping text appearing in the Dojo Biolab.
- Fixed weapons completed in the Liset’s foundry showing the same energy color as the Liset’s colors.
- Fixed Ember’s Noble stance causing thrown weapons to appear to be floating in her hands.
- Fixed Scanners and Kubrow Dens not appearing in the Codex.
- Fixed Clients not being able to see any excavator effects when it is powered, or when it explodes.
- Fixed Host Migrations at the end of a Conclave match allowing players to continue playing.
- Fixed the ‘Energy Surge’ warning in Conclave appearing as the Host’s language.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when joining a Conclave match just as the match was ending.
- Fixed various localization issues.
- Fixed Ash, Vectis and Carrier parts not dropping for players in the Void.
- Fixed Mag, Boar and Dakra parts still dropping for players in the Void.
- Fixed Nightmare Defense Missions not properly giving Nightmare Mod rewards.
- Fixed left-side Badges falling to the floor when equipping the Harkonar Chestguard in Arsenal.
- Fixed a variety of issues in the deployment of certain types of Specters.

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