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Any1 Got Void Key From Mission Rewards?


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Oh S#&$, gonna go check the- nope. Still only got the one from that Wave 5 defense. Why you gotta say someone's lying about their inventory?


"Not as a reward for other types yet."


Are you okay? Are you drunk?

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I'm sort of wondering if the drops are a bit borked.

In my experience, wave 5 on Kiliken and Io are generally low-tier rewards (cipher, ammo boxes, weak mods). Wave 10 rewards are also somewhat weak (crit chance, crit damage). Wave 15 pushes it into Streamline/Hellfire territory. If people are getting Void Keys on Wave 5 of those missions, I have to wonder if the Void keys are even in the Streamline/Hellfire category. Can you get it at Wave 15 (or wave 5 on Xini)?

Xini's Wave 5 jumps immediately into Streamline/Hellfire tier - I ran that all day yesterday without getting a Void key. RNG? Probably, but I'd like to know if anyone has gotten it there all the same. Just to give me peace of mind, haha.

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