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Hotfix 8.0.4: Hit Me With Your Best Hot(Fix).


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Small Hotfix:


- Added workarounds for "login failed" issues that had unusual HTTP certificate problems.



Some Hotfixes for y'all:


- Added confirmation when quitting or leaving Clans.
- Option added for larger font size in chat window.
- Only members with forged dojo keys can contibute to Dojos.
- Critical chances on bows have been fixed, (10% for normal, 20% for charged).
- Vauban powers now working as intended. A bug prevented the physics of most skills to work properly.
- Fix for Level 1 enemies appearing in difficult missions in The Void.
- Fix for Reaper Handle drop rate being too high.
- Fixes for various Blueprints not being saved to inventory, including Reaper.
- Flame Lancer and Shotgun Grineer improvements. They will no longer shoot at targets out of range.
- Fixed objective not disappearing for clients on Orokin Levels.
- Fixed issue where Players would get stuck in the Dojo GreatHall
- Fixed issue where destruction of Dojo Elements not working as intended.
- Fixed issue where permisssions for Dojo Roles not working as intended.
- Improved communication cues for Speed Runs in The Void.
- Fix for game invites between Clan members who aren't on Friends list.
- Fixed issues with beam being visible for too long on certain beam weapons.
- Fix for UI Syncronization when other players did contributions to rooms you were simultaneously contributing to.
- Fix for fire effects now showing up on clients until shields are down.
- Fix for Grineer Lancers not shield-bashing.
- Fix for Grineer Scoprion Rope remaining out when she is killed during pull action.
- Lech Kril no longer burns himself with Fire... what a Pyro!
- Various Crash fixes.


Made a ticket about the BP Bug in "The Void"?

See here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/50567-hotfix-804-hit-me-with-your-best-hotfix/page-4#entry521923

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