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Hotfix 17.0.5


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Dear DE, i love your game, but i can't play it! I sold my PC and bought PS4... Please, initiate new account migration from PC to PS4, PLEASE...i wait it about 1 year. I will continue to donate after migration.. Thanks

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I can confirm that the melee bug still persists after this fix. It's the same bug that disables melee, wall latch and roll all at once. I was on Triton Excavation when it happened


DE, you seem to have fixed one set of movements that was causing melee to lock but it seems other sets of movements (though I don't know what) are still causing this to happen. At least this only happened to me once since this fix, so it's a lot less worse than before where I was the victim of the bug on a constant basis. Still, please investigate this again. It doesn't feel great knowing that this was only a partial fix.


Also, the "Seal the Tomb" part of the Natah quest was bugged on my first try. Yes, I know you have to run around the map like mobile defense, I was close to finishing the mission (2 waves left) when one of the enemies just disappeared off the map. He showed up as a red blip on an inaccessible part of the map, so I can only guess he got stuck inside a wall. Not even my AoE skill could find him when I was literally right on his position, on the red blip. I had to restart, which was annoying. The map seems to have bugged the enemy.


Also, the screen going "low health" red when entering the water and shifting to archwing seems to still be there.

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A fifty cal. rail gun on an aircraft carrier has 3 barrels it fires 250 rounds per second. and after so many rounds the barrels have to be changed cause they get to hot. part of the team has the job of changing barrels. My team was able to do it in 15 mins. and we chain fed from an ammo box. it fired 20 mm.'s

trying to color interior of Liset freezes game. not sure if this has been mentioned yet.


That's just a regular antiaircraft gun, not a railgun. And yeah, most of those hold 1000-2000 rounds in reserve. At least that's what Phalanx guns hold, I wouldn't know about other systems. Railgun technology is in its infancy, it's not in service on any boats yet and definitely isn't shooting rapid fire. 


And I can confirm that bug with the liset customization.

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Im not sure what going on , but sync this hot fix update Void missions are completly unplayable for me because of FPS drops or fake FPS number as 50-60 FPS feels like 20 FPS. Whats going on , i tryed today to get out of this problem on two different fresh installed systems and nothing solved it , but didnt have this FPS problems 2 days ago and before.

If anyone haves found out , tips are welcome , till that i think i will not wasting my Void Keys anymore.


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nerfs are not needed here or in the future i think. If a weapon may seem powerful players have to think of a few things, such as what mods they may have on their gear weapons and such.Also how skilled they maybe with decent placed headshots and more. I dont get why people ask for nerfs only to complain about it after it happens. So i say no more nerfs to prevent future problems, people either use the weapon and mod it right or dont use it at all.Also weapon range melee problem any ideas if fixed? with a blade of fairly good range and speed i still cant hit targets such as crawlers or kubrows makeing it fairly annoying.Also archwing gratteler should have explosive because it says in the description that it fires explosive rounds.So is it just a sup heavy gun? or a actual auto cannon type gun? i think either description or damage should be looked into farther.

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Hey guys. You have been doing an absolutely great job on rolling the newest update 17 out without to many major hitches. But I've been having an issue with my gear being unequipped on frequent occassions when I log in or when the game crashs for one reason or another. Many thanks if and when this bug/ issue is addressed. Keep up the great work devs. Also an idea for more combo-isk frames, like Equinox (Day & Night), a volcanic/ earth elemental frame that combines both ember and rhinos powers, like a earthquake stomp that opens the ground, volcanic eruptions, a juggernaut super mode and various other powers, I'll leave more of the brainstorming up to you guys but hey, just a future thought of what another interesting frame could be which has been floating around our clan, the poison breeders for a while now. GO! nuts. Bring on more of these frames that require 8 parts to make them, to be honest they are the best ones to play as...Equinox and Chroma for sure. Rules! Cheers.

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Grattler Changes:


  • Grattler round explosions now deal damage.
  • Clip size has been reduced from 250 to 25.
  • Damage type has been changed from Magnetic to mostly Puncture.




  • The Handspring Mod will now show percentage.



  • Fixed players receiving incorrect resource amounts in Sabotage Missions on Uranus.
  • Fixed the Drekar Elite Lancer being able to fire its Harpak through Frost’s Snow Globe.
  • Fixed players being unable to launch Missions, instead getting stuck on a black screen with visible Chat and Exit buttons.



How hard is it for an explosive weapon to deal blast damage? I can let it slide on this one though (frag grenades, mabye?).

The clip size reduction was just laughable. I literally thought it was a typo, or a joke. Note to DE: April 1st is a long way off. Starting this early for april fools is just silly.

Percentage of what? (for the handspring mod)


Please clarify on the "incorrect resource amounts" statement.

Still no fix for so many other types of enemies being able to shoot through the globe. Don't feel like linking the thread, you should know where it is.

Don't know about anyone else, but I DIDN'T EXPERIENCE THIS BUG UNTIL IT WAS LISTED AS REMOVED! This seems counter-intuitive to how bugfixes and release notes work. Although it might just be me :(


would be better to fix hydroid back to normal


I agree, but a million plat says it'll never happen. DE is becoming famously well versed in how to nerf a frame into uselessness.


Thanks for the fixes and changes!


Sorry for the constant nagging, but since it's often told to let you know of any issues that aren't listed/fixed, I'm always going to do it


Melee range/hitbox issues need to be addressed urgently.



I've been waiting for a fix on this for 3 months, and have all but given up on it ever getting fixed. Fingers crossed this time, though.



Hello and thanks for the fix but still no fix for Prova Vandal and Machette Wraith beign tradeble or any info on the matter, frost changes are nice though.


Yeah, I'm starting to get pretty upset about this one. DE has said in the past that ALL VOID TRADER ITEMS SOLD WOULD BE TRADEABLE. They have even released hotfixes in the past that have addressed issues with this. Why not this time? Why no word from DE? WTH?

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When in doubt, blame Steve (or whoever started the nerfframe scene).

In other news, still no fix for: Syndicate Specters not following the Hold Position Command.
This doesn't need a thread to address since its plain simple to reproduce and obvious.

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was the idea of making the Grattler near useless? i mean, fix its range and give it a at least 100 rounds mag. or make it "reload" faster. less delay or faster charge.


as it is, it is very annoying to use. most expensive mastery fodder yet, and, i wonder, almost as annoying as the fluctus to use with its crippling limitations.

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I think there might be something wrong with Valkyr. I find myself constantly having to activate hysteria in order to survive dog fights with lower armor tenno under the same conditions and i find this quite odd. She is supposed to have the highest armor among the tenno but she is really squishy when not in hysteria. I swear Excaliber is lasting lots longer under direct fire than Val is. It would really be appreciate it if yall looked into that.

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BUG: Sometimes capture targets don't show up on the map during capture missions


BUG: There is something wrong with the Liset skins in the loading screen. Not all of them show up


BUG: Is the Zanuka Hunter bugged? I have not seen it in many many months, and I have been marked for a very long time


BUG: When the G3 show up and you kill them, at the end of the mission Lotus will still say the mission was scrapped


BUG: when Grineer soldiers die, usually the mobile cover backpacks they carry on their backs remain floating in midair


BUG: Sometimes Rampart turrents are floating above the ground

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