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Equinox - Maim Not Properly Working @ancients

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As the title declares ...

Attacking, while Maim is charged pretty well (guaranteed 1 hit), is not really killing anything surrouding the ancient.


For instance, Equinox is centered at a cryopod.


You have a door on your left and right. Each are 30 meters away.


On the left door, an ancient (damage resistance buffing) and 3 regular infested unitsT are spawning.

On the right door, 5 regular infested units.


Unleashing your ulti's power will result as:


Right door: Anything dead (the ancient buff wasn't reaching them).

Left door: Anything alive and happy to kick your !...

How does this even work? Well, the ancient won't even suffer the high charged damage amount, which means, the regular units will still persist and stay alive.


Here an example on the ancient (the infested on the right has been killed by someone else with a rifle):


Showcase No1



Showcase No2

And here another example, more clearly, that Maim is not damaging at a regular amount, with the raw damage!


Showcase No3 ...

Please do notice the accumulated damage 44,784 ... hell, I am now even able to kill infested units while wearing the ancient disrupters increased resistance buff!!!! But the ancient, who guessed it, keeps surviving that devastating damage value. Another case, killing a general unit with total accumulated embarrassing damage points of 1,033 (oh and yeah, Volatile Runners do never give affinity, if not being cut with slash procs. Any self-explosion will result into ZERO affinity points for everyone).


Cmon DE. How often do I have to spam this in each [update]-Thread? Losing any joy using this Frame if infested ancient disrupters are involved in the mission's spawntable.


I don't know if this is intended ... since Saryn, Excalibur, Frost, etc are able to damage ancients with the original outputted raw damage.

Even Weapons do damage the Ancients properly.

Here an example as a reference, Quanta, Rank 30, no Forma, Maxed Serration and Corrosive combo (once).


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I've noticed Maim and Mend doesn't seem to be working correctly myself, just adding my comment to the thread in support and hopes this gets fixed. There are a few other posts out there like this. You should check those out as well.

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