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Update Failed!


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Ever since U8 hit, Warframe will not update.

The update bar would fill up all the way then this would pop up

"Update failed!


Some content updates could not be downloaded from our server.


The update will be restarted shortly. . ."


I had this game on Steam and deleted the download cache three times and verified integrity on Steam twice. Neither did anything but make me download 1.9 GBs of updates that I already had.

I uninstalled the game from Steam and downloaded it from the site and it still did not work. I've enabled/disabled bulk download, x64 mode, aggressive download, and fullscreen mode with no results. I have also let the download reset until the "Retry" button would be available at least 5 times and that also did nothing to help. 


I've been playing Warframe since CB and this is the first time an update has failed. 

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Lets see... checked the certificate crap, that didn't fix anything. Removed the certificates and let them get replaced per another thread to see if that fixed it like it did for some, still nothing. Broke down and uninstalled the game only to reinstall it, oh look still the same old crap. Checked the router to see if maybe that was the issue despite the fact the router never caused any problems prior to this update, nope. What strange and forgotten god do I have to commit a sacrifice in the name of to finally get this frigging launcher to move past the update at this rate?

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Hello everybody, I was having the problem

Update failed!Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.The update will be restarted shortly...

but now it is solved in my case by connecting my computer directly to the modem instead of through a router.

Just this simple, while everything suggested in the forum didn't help but this simply solves.

Hope this piece of info. may help you guys :)

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