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Forming Squads


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So I joined a pretty big clan today, excited to get my dojo on and do some of those void missions. Even better, I found a void key in a random defense mission somewhere, so my clan mates all wanted to come along on the void mission when I said I'd like to try it out in clan chat.


The problem was that I had no idea how to invite them to my group. I ended up having to either add individual people as friends, then invite them to my squad or scroll through a huge clan list to find particular names. It was a pain in the butt, and it took us a good 10 minutes to just get people together, not to mention the people I couldn't accept into the group were strung along a bit as I hurriedly tried to figure everything out.


So here's my suggestion: have a squd tab, perhaps under contacts, perhaps on the main menu bar, where you can type a player's name in and invite them. This would invite them only into your squad, not to your friends list or your clan.


Another helpful UI change would be for the clan list to be bigger, and for scrolling to work, and work smoothly. I am in an enormous clan put together by akamikeb from youtube, so there are a lot of people to go through to find someone.


Finally, perhaps there could be a funciton to join someone else's squad. This wouldn't be automatic, perhaps the squad leader would need to approve the request to join, but would go a long way toward taking some of the workload off of the squad leader when trying to throw something together.


These changes would allow for easier groupings both within a clan, among friends, and between random people. That would leave us all as players more time to kill stuff, pick up loot, and generally be awesome space ninjas- rather than chumps fiddling with a menu system.


So, thoughts? Was there anything I missed, or is there a better way to do some of these things?

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