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Just A Compliment In This Sea Of Complaints.


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It must get tiresome for you all to have to read complaint after complaint after all of your work.


Well I am here to at least give you a bit of a smile, to motivate you to keep going on the route that is Warframe.


I love the addition of the Scorpion. The description even makes me laugh. "Makes the hurt come" or something.

Great animation of her dragging you too.


The Jackal was such a unique model, I am both glad and sad to see it only used once. Great job designing that boss fight, very intense.


Great job with the infested. It really feels like a "Zerg Rush" when I get knocked down, even if for a bit. And anyone who knows StarCraft knows that it takes a Zealot like us Tenno to go chopping some lings. Lol.


The lore of this game is good. Not too vague but still vague enough for conspiracy. That's a nice feature.


I do admit I don't like the alert system, but you basically give us items for free as long as were around at the right time. This mechanic is unheard of anywhere else. This truly is a F2P.


Your humor and ability to joke with us. The Redtext *text that shows up before a hotfix* keeps us informed about what is being fixed, and makes us laugh. "PM me if you want to join my clan" Lol, great humor you have, glad you can keep it real and no so "Professional" around the community.


And the main reason I am writing this, you read forums. Whether you read this or not, I am glad to right it for the community to remind at least an angry participant of U8 that DE are great people.
So, if any of you out there are reading this, you're doing great. Sure, you could do better, but you could also do a hell of a lot worse. So, thank you for everything, and keep it up!

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I was playing Xini and DE caused me to lose.

The red text appeared saying "Hotfix in about five minutes."

I was fighting a toxic, I was using a paris, it charged me, I got out my kunai, and then the damn red text appeared.

"No, I will not have your babies."

As my side started hurting I laughed so hard I got abs and the toxic mutilated and raped my poor afk warframe.

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