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Mods Underclocking Option.

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There was many threads about it, and I want to continue this.

De please add option to underclock mods when there is no capacity for mod.

For example I have Rank 10 Vitality which takes 12 capacity. And my Warframe have only 10 capacity left (57/67)
So I just add this mod to this Frame and it will tell me that there is not enough space to add this mod. Underclock the mod?

And it will underclock this mod only for this frame, not entire MOD. And if I will unequip it the mod will still be on Rank 10.

I maded Vitality, Redirection and Steel Fieber on rank 10 and now I have problem with that.  I can make these same mods but to Rank8, but yeah its just ANOYING! And I dont have enough Credits to do that.

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