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Progression and Customization


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Why do skill trees exist? Why do they branch out? Why aren't they straight lines?

Because you get to choose which branch you use. You have a choice between benefits, or at least the order of receiving those benefits. At best, you have a tradeoff. You choose how you want to play.

Why do we have skill trees in Warframe?

We don't need to choose which ones to get first because that won't matter in about an hour of gameplay.

We don't have to make meaningful decisions because we get all the benefits the tree offers.

Most importantly, we don't have anything that makes one branch different from the other, because the benefits offered are simply numbers and don't affect mechanics.

The tree is basically a line, doubled in length by a supercharge.

Currently, mods are the only bonuses we get to choose between,

and they have their own problem in relation to the skill trees.

If a mod is intended to provide the necessary customisation that you want, then it doesn't matter what you choose on the actual tree. All you need to do is unlock a mod slot.

I say we should have nodes that affect the gameplay in a more meaningful fashion.

I think the actual visible tree should be extended to about 50 nodes, with us choosing which 30 we want.

Also, I think frame/weapon specific mods are a must. *I recall reading that these were in the works*

The deeper level of customisation afforded by such a design could extend the longevity of an item greatly.

You could even have different configurations that you could swap between, and all that useful stuff.

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I need to admit that i agree. There could be different tree depending of the gameplay you wish to have. For example rhino could have a tree for people who prefer close range fight like with shotgun, another one for the melee and the last one thoses who prefer to use his powers.

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