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Daggers clip through Ember's butt


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And Dark sword has issues with volt's back

what are those things on his back supposed to be, anyway?

Welp I now sort of want a Dark sword just becuase of how awsome it looks.

As for what that thing on Volt's back is the only thing I can think of is he like trinity is sort of based off an insect that is suposed to be his "abdomen".

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On volt there is some clipping, not really sure if you can get rid of it but here some pics none of the less


If you look the Bo staff is clipping into the back of Volt though I'm not really sure what could be done about that. And His pistols always clip into his skirt(-thing) and then poke out really weirdly

Now for some in game clipping


This is the worst offender I've found of clipping into the bo staff.


The Bo also clips into the Latron. I also checked with the Batron and there is no clipping there.

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