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Update 17.1.0 - 17.1.4

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Give your Warframe and Weapons a bold new look with the Rath Kittag Cloak and Nightwatch Camouflage Bundle!
A prototype destined for one of Tyl Regor's experiments, this Syandana has been repurposed for Tenno Agents.
This bundle of Nightwatch Skins suits the Ack & Brunt, Ogris and Nukor. They have been modeled after the camouflage employed by the Nightwatch Corps, an elite squadron in the Grineer Military.
Get these new in-game additions by visiting the Market today!
Conclave Changes:
The Galatine has been enabled for use in Conclave.
The Magistar has been enabled for use in Conclave.
The Scindo and Scindo Prime have been enabled for use in Conclave.
The Jat Kittag has been enabled for use in Conclave.
The Nikana and Dragon Nikana have been enabled for use in Conclave.
Decreased the accuracy penalty of the Lucky Shot Mod.
Increased the effectiveness of many secondary weapons in Conclave.
Reduced the radius of Bullet Attractor in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of the Boltace in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of Slash Dash in Conclave.
Increased the damage of the Dera in PvP.
Increase the damage of the Karak in PvP.
Increased the damage of the Strun series in PvP. 
Increased the damage of the Sybaris in PvP.
Increased the damage of the Latron series in PvP.
Increased the damage of Saryn’s Venom in PvP.
Increased the damage of Saryn’s Miasma in PvP.
Increased the energy drain of Nyx’s Absorb in Pvp.
Nyx’s Mind Control no longer causes players to drop the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon.
Adjusted the angle and velocity of jump pads on the Orokin Derelict Conclave Map.
Adjusted the hitbox of headshots in Conclave.
New PvP Challenges have been added to the Challenge rotation.
Added invisible bounds to the Jackal boss’ room to prevent players from climbing too high during the boss fight.
Regular weapon skins now work properly on Prime counterparts.
Infested Crawlers will no longer spawn after lv 40 in endless Mission types to make way for more aggressive enemies.
Slightly tweaked the size and volume of Grineer Roller explosions.
Using Wall Latch on a moving surface now deactivates Wall Latch.
Made audio tweaks to Corpus turrets in Archwing Sabotage Missions.
Adjusted lens flare effects on the Supra’s shots.
Power Efficiency Mods now apply to Equinox’s Pacify and Provoke.
Adjusted underwater audio FX on Credits and Archwing melee swings.
Increased the Grattler’s ammo capacity.
Adjusted explosion radius on the Grattler’s projectile impact.
Added additional underwater spawn points to Exterminate Missions on the Uranus. 
After switching out of your equipped Codex scanner, your best weapon will be equipped.
Fixed various gameplay crashes that would occur during Missions and when exiting Missions.
Fixed Lech Kril and the Jackal becoming invulnerable.
Fixed item bonus XP for successfully completed missions showing inconsistent and truncated values when the item reached rank 30. The actual bonus rate is +125% but the End of Mission (or in-game Mission Progress screens) would often truncate the result and appear more like it was only +50%.
Fixed the level count showing rank 29 with a full bar rather than lvl 30 in some cases.
Fixed a crash that would occur when using a Rampart while the Mission was ending.
Fixed an issue causing Tyl Regor to not properly transition through stages, preventing all progress on his boss fight.
Fixed an error that would occur when coloring the interior of the Liset as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/505972-changing-liset-interior-colors-freezes-hud/
Fixed some underwater caverns sometimes ending in Grineer doors instead of rock walls.
Fixed an issue where aiming down sights with a weapon or item while using a Rampart would show the Rampart’s weapons holstered on the player’s back.
Fixed ammo crates in the Jackal boss fight sometimes not dropping ammo.
Fixed an issue causing players to become disconnected from a squad if joining a Mission just as a squad member uses a Rampart.
Fixed an issue preventing players from using a Rampart if interrupted while getting off a Rampart.
Fixed the Terminal Velocity Mod not being usable on the Harpak.
Fixed the Grattler’s audio not functioning correctly when fired.
Fixed a redundant minimap marker appearing in Excavation Missions.
Fixed an error that would occur when entering the Conclave Arsenal or Archwing Arsenal menu with no primary weapon equipped then selecting Upgrade.
Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to double jump during melee after doing a directional air attack.
Fixed an error that would occur relating to camera shake effects when a player is joining mid-Mission.
Fixed weapon attachments becoming visible while the player is invisible.
Fixed quivers becoming visible when players rapidly equip and unequip their weapon while invisible.
Fixed water filling too fast for Clients in the pump room of Sabotage Missions on the Grineer Underwater Lab tileset.
Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow being unaffected by range Mods.
Fixed the player HUD becoming unresponsive when a Dragon Key is equipped.
Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate showing as being castable even when players don’t have enough energy.
Fixed a blocked zipline that players could not properly access in the underwater tileset.
Fixed players being able to improperly jump backwards to achieve improperly low run times in the Dojo obstacle course. 
Fixed Oberon’s Smite allowing players to cast other Abilities while moving.
Fixed the Shock Camo skin not being able to entirely cover the Prisma Tetra.
Fixed bows being able to achieve a negative draw rate with fire rate Mods.
Fixed Host Migration preventing players from completing Sabotage Missions on the Grineer Underwater tileset.
Fixed some missing sound FX on stealth finisher animations.
Fixed players getting stuck in a standing position when entering/exiting Archwing in a bleedout state on the Grineer Underwater Lab tileset.
Fixed the Glaive not properly returning, preventing players from throwing the weapon again.
Fixed Clans being unable to remove players.
Fixed non-Archwing Missions being displayed in an Archwing End of Mission screen.
Fixed a visual overlap of textures in some underwater caves.
Fixed underwater enemies and the Blunt not properly appearing in the codex.
Fixed a stack of ‘0’ Transmutation Cores having an effect on Transmutation.
Fixed the Buzlok’s tracer shot being slightly off center.
Fixed the Infested Ancient’s vocal effects being cut off.
Fixed Ack and Brunt’s shield open/close transition not playing properly.
Fixed some attacks from Ack and Brunt not flowing properly.
Fixed an issue where clicking ‘Repeat Mission’ cause players to go to the Mission Select menu rather than the confirmation menu.
Fixed the Master Thief Mod not properly showing locker colors changing from Red to Green on Clients.
Fixed Oberon and Rhino always having a Cernos equipped as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/461224-cernos-bow-wont-leave-my-oberons-left-hand/ 
Fixed a transitioning issue when players exit underwater via geysers as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/508029-uranus-from-archwing-to-normal-mode/
Fixed an issue preventing Drekar Lancers from spawning in Missions under lv 25.
Fixed the Prisma Dual Cleavers not having proper weapon range.
Fixed an error that would occur when leaving any mission that uses Archwing without completing it.
Fixed the first item of the Market menu under the banner showing as visible when viewed in the Liset from outside the Market menu.
Fixed Invasion tallies being adjusted after the Invasion is has been completed with a determined winner.
Fixed Orokin laser traps being active while disabled.
Fixed the Fusion Core icon improperly appearing on Mods.
Fixed ammo pickups allowing players to reach negative ammo in Conclave.
Fixed players not receiving ammunition when picking up ammo crates without a primary weapon equipped in Conclave.
Fixed players being able to capture the Cephalon once the Match has concluded.
Fixed Host Migration breaking Defense missions.
Fixed various localization issues.
Hotfix 17.1.1
Removed Bo Prime from the market- oops! 
Fixed broken textures on weapon attachments.
Fixed the Shock Camo skin not covering the Prisma Tetra entirely. Just kidding, we reverted this.
Hotfix 17.1.2
• Fixed End of Mission UI-crash in Archwing missions 
• The Desert Camo skin for Twin Gremlins now applies the correct mesh
Hotfix 17.1.3
Conclave Changes:
Reduced the damage of Twin Grakatas in PvP.
Changed the Katana slide attack damage to be consistent with all PvP slide attacks.
Fixed Nekros' Despoil Augment consuming Energy.
Fixed a file path showing in the PvP challenge screen.
Fixed getting a script error when being AFK kicked from a PvP match. 
Hotfix 17.1.4
Conclave Changes:
Increased the speed of Buzlok’s homing projectiles in PvP.
Increased the damage of Glaive and Glaive Prime in PvP.
Fixed opening the Navigation panel and crashing. 


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