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I Cant Find Items In Market Any One Help?


I went today to Warframe PC trackers alerts, invasions, baro, darvo deal and bestsellers.

And in bestseller below there is writen:

  • KubrowColorPackLiquid | 0% off | plat.png 50
  • 19d 13h 54m 27sNova Prime Access Pack | 0% off | plat.png 1
  • 19d 13h 54m 27sKubrowArmorB | 0% off | plat.png 90
  • 19d 13h 54m 27sTwinGrakatas | 0% off | plat.png 225
  • 19d 13h 54m 27sKubrowArmorA | 0% off | plat.png 90



I cant find in market Kubrow Liquid color pack, and Nova Prime Acces Pack for 1plat.  That is probably a wrong name but I cant find anything for one plat.

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These are place holders for some of the items that change daily and are not a reflection of what is sold. 

KubrowColoredPack That's the new color pack introduced in U17,


Nova Prime Access should be changed to Ash Prime Access,


Kubrow A and B is self explaining to the two new armors offered under kubrow,


and TwinGarkata's are a new weapon have fun. It can be found under blueprints or to be bought.

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