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system requirements


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could lower resolution for the game bee added (for low ended-pc)?


because tested on 800 by 600 on

pentiume 4

ram 1.1gb

CPU 3.00GHz

Nvigia 6600(128 MB)

training test was good main menu was good but the real campaing is well black in some plases and lags in multiplayer its moslty unplayeble but solo well some how its playeble but mediume lags are

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Your pc is VERY low end. 1.1gb shouldn't even be able to run games like this, pretty amazed that you can even open it without crashing.

I'd have to agree with everyone else that getting a new pc is probably the only option for you to play this game efficiently.

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There's no way a lower resolution is going to fix your issues with this game as it's coming right from your hardware's inablilties to render this game correctly.

CPU wise if you're on a budget you should try and get an intel Core 2 Duo processor (which can be found for cheap in some places) or an AMD dual core Athlon x64 that's listed on the main webpage's FAQ over system requirements. Your current Processor is half the reason you're getting lag in the game with the other half coming from your video card's outdated 2005 architecture that's ment to render mostly Unreal Engine 2.0 and 2.5 games or respective engines within that generation of hardware. These processors will give you a much more stable and less laggy play session than what you're dealing with now.

For budget line video cards you should really be looking at a GTX 260 from Nvidia or a Radeon 4350 just to meet low end graphics settings for this title. What they recommend on the main website for gpu's I kinda cringe at, as I had to play with a Radeon 3600 on a Core 2 Duo machine in the past. Your errors with "black in some places," is a shadering and memory error with your video card. You really should look at a video card that at minimal has 1 GB GDDR5 memory on it, and can handle Stream or CUDA cores above the 80 count range with a memory interface at 128 bit or higher.

Now if you want to play it smooth and stable you need an i5 sandy/ivy bridge 3570 or i7 variants like the i7 3770 fore Intel or one of the AMD FX lines like the 4170 (quad core), 6x00 (six core), or 8xx0 (8 core) CPU's.

If you're really on a budget you should scope out the APU a10-5800k from AMD as it will give you both gpu and cpu requirements in one item, but you'll have to be very critical about system RAM as the APU will draw video card memory from the System memory you use, using RAM that's less than 1800 MHz can diminish framerate performance and you want to use 8 GB or more System RAM.

Really sorry, I loved P4 cpus when they came out but they're well past their prime for games these days. That machine you have sounds like it'd be a real classic powerhouse for Unreal 2k4 or Ranbow Six Raven Shield gaming.

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last comments i like to bad i have no money mostly only for a living

oh yes and :


i can run the game i have only 2 bugs and thats IS it and lag is only mediume at solo so i keep the solo for a bit i mostly don't care a bouth the grafficks i am hear for the killing part and gore part and resolution on 800x600 as i tested is olmost good(for me) on higer well that is sad end

but no seriusly last day wen i started at night playing this game a completed tutorial won 1 mission solo with aloth of killing(and yes mobs are a littel week vs sword and running)

oh and you all talk for me that with my specs the game dosen't launch or crashes (or some thing elses or worse) but if i ignore all this (2 things) then the game is playble and fun


abouth fancy grafficks

comparing games from 2005 this is work of art xD(even if on lowest settings)

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