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Hotfix 17.1.5

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Please Note:  


Our team has a potential fix for issues relating to Blast procs not working properly, but do not want to release an untested solution over the weekend. Due to the number of working hands slowing dwindling from a case of the ‘TGIF’s, we’ll continue to test this fix when we have more time to evaluate.







  • Fixed an error that would prevent progress in the Vay Hek boss fight.
  • Fixed a small loading issue that would occur when Lieutenant Lech Kril changes fire modes.
  • Fixed the text on the Reflection Mod to read Channelling instead of Blocking as per new Stamina changes.
  • Fixed the Capture target not spawning properly on the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed some potential issues with Medallions being invisible in missions.
  • Fixed the login screen briefly showing the wrong Warframe and loadout.
  • Fixed some stuttering that occurs on the login screen.
  • Fixed Sentinels receiving Affinity when players are in Archwing.
  • Fixed Clients still seeing each other in a Squad after the Host has disbanded and left the Squad.
  • Fixed missing collision on the roof of the Orokin Void tilesets.
  • Fixed visually inconsistent patch of water in the Grineer Underwater Lab tileset.
  • Fixed the Confirm button’s text on Trading sometimes overlapping the button in other languages.
  • Fixed Clients always seeing Point A in Archwing Interception in Red.


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Lots of good fixes! I know there will be some whining from people about covert lethality, but I think it's a welcome change. It feels like the mod's purpose was to aid in pure stealth gameplay. Eg Removing the possibility of sneaking up behind someone on ceres and not having your finisher not actually finish them. It was never designed for Excalibur/ ground slam murder sprees. 

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Thanks Talos its FREDAS


jokes aside


PLEASE FIX Default blue color being everywhere, seriously no matter what I do, the energy color on my weapons and powers is always default blue. My Opticor looks like crap when firing ;-;


edit : Opened a topic about it.

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Megan said that the Covert Lethality change was going to happen next week


Today Covert Lethality will be changed from ‘lethal damage if undetected’ to ‘lethal damage on stealth-finishers’."

It's the Excalibur change that's coming next week.

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