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Sliding charge attack.


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I just found out that you can unleash a charged melee attack while sliding.

(This was tested with the scindo. It might not work with all other melee weapons)

While sprinting, start a melee attack then immediatley hit the crouch button to go into a slide.

This will lock you into a charge as long as you continue to slide or until the charge finishes and you unleash the attack.

I've found this can be really fun to do and sometimes handy depending on the situation. (If you have really high-powered charge attacks it lets you get up close to tougher enemies quickly with a charged hit, all while making you a smaller target. That and it looks cool and makes you feel even more like a stylish cyborg ninja in space)

Functions more or less the same as a sliding melee attack, but because it's actually a fully charged attack it does more damage and usually has a wider swing. I feel like this balances out because it's a little harder to time correctly and execute.


Just tested with the furax, dual skanas and the cronus. It does indeed work with these weapons but you have to actually start the charge a second before going into the slide. Also it doesn't work very well with the furax because of the awkward crouching charge attack animation.

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