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Level Block - The Environmental DOME


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Alright, so the dome is a level block that on Normal conditions contains vegetation. Trees and Plants. But that is not what we will see, each level will show dome differently:

Infection Environment: The dome has a red hue, it has infection boils all over. The trees are dead, infected and some even mutated into horrible shapes. There is infection all over. This can also be a great place for the spcial infected boss.

Corpus Environment: The dome is white, everything frozen the trees have no leaves and the overal aspect is cold death. The corpus big robot boss can also be located here for ease of movement.

Grineer Environemnt: The dome is black, the trees are not made of wood, but rather a black metal. You can see it reflect like glass, they shine but they are black leafless trees.

Basically that was flavor text, for a programmer to develope this, just put some generic trees without leafs and each environment should add the neccessary effect.

Infection: Boils all over.

Corpus: Ice all ove.

Grineer: black leaves all over the trees. with bright yellow light that looks like fruit. Pointing out the organic origins of Grineer technology. Lore sprinkles.

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