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Who we are?

It all started with two people AlexCrytek and soul69  decided to unite and create a clan together after spending a long time gaining experience in other clans and in the game.

As time passed grew increasingly more in number and managed to become a competitive clan and also Moon Tier.

We are an active clan with veteran players who help each other.
We enjoy playing games together and competing in events.
New players to the game are welcome to join in our clan we like to help and teach.
We have members mostly centered around Europe but we continue to expand this.

WarRangers has always being in the top 50 clans on the Global Events.


Additional Information:

Our Dojo is fully build with all the labs and research including many dueling rooms and 2 obstacle courses ready to be used.

More informations on our website that include the dojo ,dojo map and other thing about our clan.


They are not many but you must respect them if you want to stay with us:
• The first rule is to respect each other, we don't wanna have conflict so be mature and respectful and everything will be great.
• You must be online not everytime , we understand we are gamers anyway we play many games but being in a clan, you must be active.
• No Rushers, we don't like it.
Help each other if you can,especially new players

Inactivity for a period greater than several weeks will lead to dismissal from the clan, but you are free to reapply whenever you return to Warframe.

                                                                         - The first Warframe Team-Tage from around the world -




                                                                      (Check our Youtube Channel for more Warframe montages.)



                                                                                       - Clan Ranks -


 More informations about "How to get promoted and Responsabilities" on our website.








                                          Clan Emblem:                                            The Alliance:


                                         M90Skvw.png                           5EUbvox.png



InGameName Clan : WR



  • Leave your In Game Name in the thread below or on our Steam Group.    
  • Join Our Steam group.(Optional but this will include more communication)
  • Wait for the clan invite.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Don't forget to leave your current clan before apply.

-Follow us here-

More informations about us including the Dojo , Dojo Map and others you find on our website.




                                                                                 AlexCrytek <<->> soul69  

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