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[Weapon Suggestion] Meet Pulsar, Plasmo & Plasmer


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So i feel there is a lack of Pulse,plasma weaponry in this game no im not talking about silly starwars aka laser weapons pew pew plasma weaponry like warhammer and Quake 3.

instead of old fashoned rocket launchers etc plasma weapons some heavy and some light that does direct damage per target instead of aoe damage.

SO Pulsar is Pulse gun that shoots small tiny plasma orbs shooting this weapon is a handgun and the smalest of them and has no aoe damage its focused on singelfire got decent rate of fire as standard ok clipsize and ok damage, however plasma weaponry deals more damage to armored targets, like grineer and heavy armored bosses.

However does a lot lower damage against unarmored units.

Plasmo is a plasma rifle that is the same as the pistol however, bigger clip more dmg per hit and better rate of fire.

Plasmer however is a low clipsize weapon with pretty slow rate of fire wich backs it up with a lot of dmg and area of effect damage(its not as big as in other fps games wich you see from a grenade launcher the aoe is like if you put 3 grineer together thats the aoe.

So whats the ideal here really?

Variety and mechancis items to use when you want to use mechancis against the enemy example grineer(heavy armoered ones)

it penetrates the shields also.

plasma rifles use Biomatrix photon slugs.wich the rifles light and energy spins into a powerful blob that decimates your foes.

each weapon is for what you like to adapt your playstyle.

+ effects for plasma weaponry is as follows.

Deals a lot more damage to armored targets

Has no kick back recoil as other weaponry

one rifle allows aoe (moddding multishot increases its weapons aoe)

great for those who want plasma rifles.

- deals low damage against unarmed targets wich makes it a lot weaker for infested ops.

example of plasma for those who take the assumption its laser its a big diffrence.

Its not linish beams its more like small tiny orbs going outwards example is quake 3 plasma althou quake 3 is out to date you can do it a lot better but just to give an example of plasma :)

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Sounds like plasma weapons from 40k, especially with the big one doing AOE damage. So erm, warhammer did it?

I'm all for variety in weapons, but I'm not sure I want -plasma- weapons. I do like the better vs armor, weaker vs unarmored, an aoe blast weapon would be cool too I guess. I hope the devs can do better than plasma name/lore wise though.

Also wouldn't mind a gun that charged up to max damage each shot, offcourse tonnes of games already did that too. >_>

Everything has been done before I suppose :(

PS: While we're on this topic, how about a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning? we're ninjas right? :D (and yes it would do more damage if Volt used it)

edit: linked the same thing twice orz

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i agree name dont have to be plasma :) could be a own name ofc, and yea i like the idea of charged shots didnt even think about it silly me great idea.

and yea most good stuff have been done before and most good games have old things copied but refined.

Nothing is wrong with copying imo.

About shuriken i would actually rather see a melee weapon that you can throw and returns.

For those who never use melee :)

and yea would like shuriken aswell on weapon of some sort, but then i rather see like an acid spraying gun and you can shoot the acid on the ground and if ppl step on it it takes damage :D

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