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Hey Glen could you test ODS again please. I have been trying to do ODS in groups but we always have problems with LS even though we have a Pilfering hydroid and Nekros. We have tried alot of combinations but life support is always very low. I tried solo and there was alot more compared to having a full group.

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Thank you to Brainwright, Coatduck, crazyN00b, Danny_Dyraxi, Deathbricked, Fait, frozenballz, Hydroxate, Jeloxale, KrAyZy, LettuceBowler, locojuan, milodk1, Momaw, NotWhoItSeems, PookieNumnums, ShadowmistProject, Sy21, Tenarsha, VinylTastic, Virus, x213ll, XanderousVG, and xXRiomaXx for burning keys with me this weekend. 


I went to the Larunda relay this evening and sold off 740 ducats worth of prime parts!


Congratulations to the raffle winners: Coatduck, Danny_Dyraxi, DUMJ00, MrglMrgl, ShadowmistProject, Tenarsha, xTreyRobx, xXRiomaXx and zValor!


If you weren't able to ninja the squad fast enough this time hopefully we'll see you next weekend -- same horse time, same horse channel /)

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Hi Glen: our dojo has some nice Christmas decorations (tree with presents, wreaths, mistletoe, snow drifts, snowman) in our Clan Hall, but only because we didn't remove them from last Christmas.  Why was the option not given to re-add them this year?


I don't think this is the place to ask that question. If you're curious about it, I would highly suggest asking in your own topic so that others can see that may have the answer as well! ;) Perhaps General Discussion, or maybe even Players Helping Players can assist! Ya never know! :)


Anyway, I hope you have a good day, and enjoy your new year!

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