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Frost More Synergies/combo With Abilities.

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Right now Frost have only one synergy:
Just use Freeze on Snow Globe.  It detonates and all enemies in globe are ragdolled. I think its useless until you want to remove Snow Globe.

That could be awesome if Frost could get more synergies:
Snow globe shoted with freeze, its destoyed and ragdolling enemies right now, it would be awesome if it will leave chilling ground, the same range as snow globe (affected by power duration the same as freeze and range mods the same as snow globe)

Snow Globe, and then Ice wave at snow globe. All enemies in Snow globe hitted by Ice wave are solid frozen for 6 seconds(the same duration as cold proc) . Snow Globe doesnt destroy by that.

For excalibur:
While exalted blade is on, Casting radial javelin makes excalibur to send waves near him, of Slide damage. That could make Radial Javelin so much usefull.

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I think it's fine to just have the one ability interaction with Snowglobe.


Trying to force more in just causes problems and will lead to the abilities clashing instead of synergizing. I know for certain that having an in-globe interaction with Avalanche really would get in the way and be very annoying if I just want to cast the ability.


Not everything has to have an interaction with everything else.



Also, 10 second invulnerability? Did you think this through? >_>

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I do wish avalanche would leave an  area behind that functions like the ice traps in the void. (enemies slowed when they travel across it.)


Im a console player.... can't wait for the frost update

Yeah he is amaizing. Like playing a BOSS XD.

Freeze - for single strong target + slow down near opponents. freeze synthesis target and just scan it or freeze capture target.

Ice wave - to slow down enemies in preety good AoE. Slowing down capture target if you are lazy to aim with freeze xD

Snow Globe - push back enemies (taking their down maximum 50% of health no matter what level they have) and to protect yourself and others, you can leave it in all 4 interception points so enemies have hard work to get the point XD.

Avalanche - to freeze everything in preety good AoE. Its not as good as Rhino Stomp but atleast its Reducing 40% of armor. Freeze bosses and just kill them, not working on all bosses. Syndicate attacks you? pfff dont worry you have Avalanche.

The only problem is Stalker. Run away from him and just use snow globe, and shot from distance.  You cant slow him down and you cant freeze him.

4 Builds for Frost:

For Everything Im using it right now with parkour 2.0: http://goo.gl/hgJ1J3

If someone like to attack from distance Ice wave impedance is good: http://goo.gl/MulmMz

Some guys like Power Strength build, to make Snow Globe hardcore hard and Avalanche to crush everything with 90% armor reduction, the more enemies the better effect is 3750dmg 90% recution and every enemy killed makes 1000dmg. Snow Globe health is 10250: http://goo.gl/sJ1CWg

Power Range build for Infested: http://goo.gl/Hmws1j

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