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[Suggestion] Void Key/content Upgrade.

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Ok! Hear me out before saying no, trolling or whatever else you feel like doing.


So as DE is finding out players are getting real tired of the RNG crap real fast. As well players should be you can only live on the RNG so much. But i propose at least for Void keys at least to give free players still a decent chance of getting into the new content without having to leech off someone who got lucky or is buying keys. Which is just going to get old faster then the RNG drop rate of almost 0.


So alot of talk has been about adding mini bosses. I liked this idea as map and levels are becoming stale and boring. Warframe is just now pretty much become buy a weapon level it on defense mission pray you get a decent drop rinse repeat till you own everything. Wow serious end game there :P.


So a lot would like to see mini bosses. Well DE add them have them scale with the difficulty of the mission now and solo,co-op. Make these bosses appear at random yes i said random IMO this is a much better use of the RNG. Make the mini bosses i guess like something that may have snuck out of the orokin void. Maybe some cool scenes flashes and stuff like when stalker appears. Make them HARD, make us earn it or take a failed mission deaths here and there,make him spawn more then the stalker, make these mini boss sort of like you did with the chronus farm one map a ton less chance for mini boss<<< this would heavily promote all planets/areas being played, make him drop void keys not random just if ya kill him he drops 1.


Now this would make better use of the RNG and at least give players a better feeling about the grind and give them something to grind for and make grinding planets a little more interesting instead of the rinse,repeat cycle that the games in now.



Now doing this would do a few things. Give players a actual reason just to not grind defense missions till they rage quit, Give some satisfaction of ya i beat his &amp;#&#33; lets goto the void sweet, Give a lil better odds at obtaining Forma which might lessen the blow of the Dojo needing forma along with the polarize feature. If forma is even slightly a bit easier to obtain this will improve player satisfaction and lessen the blow of the dojo cost leaving players a easier choice ok i got this i can do my weapon and well maybe ill give a piece to the dojo.


This would also be a bit easier for smaller clans to get dojo's built instead of everyone just saying F it i'm join the uber clan.

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