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In Terms Of Immersion And Clan Dojos..


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I have to say, the introduction of Dojos provides an interesting dilemma for future, and a really cool idea in the sense of immersing yourself in the game.

Argumentative discussions about balance and investment aside, if the game community doesn't die down severely, it'd be interesting in the future to see Warframe with 3 or 4 too-huge-to-fail clans, almost like Corporate banks and then the thousands of little clans. If clans could merge that'd be kind of interesting :)

But the idea of having this world where you have a genuine Tenno 'society' where there are these massive Tenno clans and then several small outlying clans provides some interesting lore opportunities, in addition it would be a nice touch to allow players to view a 'dojo map' that shows off all the dojos in the universe and their current 'size' as it were, although this may provide for inferiority/superiority complexes.

To lightly touch on the subject of the recent outrage, I don't like the comparatively significant difference in investment (whether it be time or money) of the new content in this update versus previous updates, but I appreciate the ambition and the ideas - That being said, the world is built on action rather than intention, but I'm just another gamer in a sea of others, so noone on the development team or in the company needs to take my words as law (and of course they won't).


But I digress, just thought I'd add something of a discussion to the general discussion, because I can :)

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