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I really like the new Void stuff but I have a suggestion for hosting.

Please make it so that person having the keys doesn't have to be a host.

It is pointless for me to have keys if my internet connection is 1Mbps/384kbps (down/up) and live in EU but mostly play with my clan buddies from NA.


It would be great if a group could be gathered in a lobby on any planet and then if one person has a key he uses it and they all go to Void.


I think and hope I am not the only one on this.

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I said this yesterday:




I really hope it might be possible as it means I can't return the favour when people let me use a key.

Sorry for spam but I seriously didn't see your topic (because of flood of "void" topics and I didn't search in players helping players)



Not sure if this works, and if it does whether it's considered an exploit..

Create the game

Start the game

Drop out so someone else becomes host

Rejoin as a client

Added bonus, you get to keep your key.


Wow! That is a serious exploit that involves real cash.


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