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Stalker, Main Issues


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Greetings gentlemen.

Most of us know about the stalker and what he does, but did anyone of you happen to meet those kind of bugs? Especially since the new patch.

Since Stalker became a MAJOR thing in this game: I'd like to point out that sometimes he spawns and then banishes reeeealy fast. So what happened to me 10 minutes ago was: was trying to stealth a mission, noticed that i'll be ambushed by a stalker. Waited for him, and then.... He occured, saw him using one of his skills, and then he vanished... No... He didn't become invisible. That's another story, he just vanished....

Another story:

Apperently there is some kind of bug when he enters his smoke state, and when you eventually kill him, he'll just stand there... Still... Like "Don't mind me staying here, just walk along"

As rare as stalker is 2 time in a row getting away with a silly bug, now please gentlemen, this is just not fair.... =/

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