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Trinity Skill Bugs.


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The trinity has a few bugs involving the skills.

1. Well of Life and Energy Vampire can only be cast again once the duration of the skill is over, even if the enemy is dead.


2. Blessing only be deployed again once the invincibility has worn off (not sure if this was intended or not but a bug is a bug so I'm reporting it)


3. Link goes to a random target near you and not any specific target you are aiming at. (again, not sure if this is a bug but it's annoying when I want to mark a boss and his henchmen get tagged instead.)

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None of those are bugs.


Note on Well of Life and Energy vampire from the wiki: "The power may not be cast again for the full duration of it, regardless of whether the marked target is still alive or not."


Link, specifically, grabs the closest target to you, not who you are looking at. Get in close next time you use it.


Blessing it has always worked this way.

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