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Xini Is Trolling Me.... >.<


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Been working on Banshee for a while, and really want to finally get it. (I'm so suck of MAG. >.<)


All I need is the helmet, so I've been farming Xini. (I don't have any potatoes, so I get ripped apart in seconds on Pluto.)


Three games in a row made it to wave 10-15, saw a blueprint for my reward and got excited...


Banshee SYSTEMS! UGH! ;.;

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Isn't the best farming place for Banshee BPs on EUROPE missions ?

As far as I know, we can't actually get onto Earth's surface, and would probably be irradiated in seconds from the looks of the place.


So I don't think Europe is a good place to farm.


And the Wiki comments say Pluto seems to be the best.

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