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So, is every building (Reactor, Oracle, Labs etc) an end-connector?

Or is it possible to build multiple rooms in a row?

Are there multiple exits for the Great hall?

a dojo-calculator would be very usefull...


edit: noticed the rotate button, so a great hall has two exits, while everything else is an end-piece


How many stages for the elevator do we have?

1 in each direction? 2? from the mainhall i cann se up and down, so there are at least 3 different stages.


is there a way to relocate builded rooms? or do i need to destroy and rebuild them, if i want to relocate them?

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I know dojo is still in apha but I would like to see pictures of the different versions of corridors & rooms.

It's probably just visual stuff difference but it would be nice to see how will the corridor/room look before we start to build it.

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