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[Professional Suggestion] Further Improved Modding / Ease Of Access


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First of all, thanks for the changes made for the modding process, I think it's going into the right direction however I will present a few additions and changes that will make modding significantly faster, more fun and thus acquiring more mods a lot more desirable. Many players are getting modding lazy because it is t time consuming and during team play with friend or with your clan mates via microphone it's stressing for those modding and boring for those waiting.


1. Removing Mods from Warframe/Weapon - Quick and Handy

Since you the player level grows with the items leveled (which is a key part in the game) players are always equipping items that are not on level 30. Also, players will want to use new weapons from time to time in order of being entertained. However if your weapon gets new ranks for mods, you want to exchange price 4 mod for a price 6 mod for example... or remove two cheap mods an insert one expensive. It is VERY ANNOYING to scroll to the last page drag n drop the mod there and scroll back to the desired mod. This can be improved by:


-right click on a mod to send in back to the inventory (or at least some kind of "trash bin" slot where dragging and dropping an equipped mod will send it to the inventory)

-instead of pages 1 2 3 4 ... make the menu scrollable with the mouse wheel for quicker access.

-add filters in the menu where mods can be added and removed from items (default: sort mods by name, and those with the same name from the mod with the highest level first, so that my highest level of vitality is not somewhere between 10 unleveled vitality mods)


2. Loadouts - Major Improvement

Since mods and modding is a key part in the game the following system would be a huge benefit!

I don't actually like to refer to other games. However with the current design descisions, a major improvement for handling mods, warframes and weapons could be achieved my an intelligent system, a thus the desire to acquire more of these and invest more playtime. Those who played Eve Online might know, since they have good way with dealing with this. I suggest the following:


Add a system for saving different loadouts. A loadout is a custom composition of mods for a specific type of item (Warframes and each type of weapon). Is is a hassle if you want to play another Warframe and you need to remove all (or most of) the mods from it and then add it to another. Therefor we need a button to save and load loadouts and a list to choose from. If you save a current loadout you should be able to type in a name for it (e.a. "Elemental build Latron") With that system it is also possible to adjust to specific mission a lot easier, especially in team play. Thus you can quickly change from your elemental build to your critical build for example.


I leave some of the design decisions open. For example what happens if you sell a mod or change one and then load the loadout? The most simplisitc way is to prompt a message that the loadout is not possible anymore and then add everything else. Then the player my add manually the changed mod an save the loadout again ; It would still be a very efficient system. Another error would occur if you load a loadout lets say from Bolto (which has a polarity) on a Dual Viper (which has none) then probably the cost would exceed the 60 limit. OK, np: just add the other 7 and let the player choose one manually.


As a consequence weapons and WFs which are currently not used should be automatically unequipped. If you used it again you have to option to select either your last loadout or a custom one you have saved previously. Thus you wont need a maxed "Serration" for every weapon (and so on) or change it very time costly.


3. Filters for displaying mods

It seems to me that if you want to fuse "name"-sorting is the only way to go. It would be nice that in addtion to the search options already implemented, that you can choose a set of filters. Each filter should be a checkbox. Filters should include especially the polarities (so you can check those boxes with the desired polarity), then filters for rare, uncommon, common, maybe a filter for unleveled mods. And instead of being able to display only exclusively mods for Warframes, Shotguns, Secondary etc. make them check boxes too. So i can display all Warframe and Shotgun mods for example but I don't want to see any else. (Count for all Categories)


Finally add a button which specifies whether the filters should be applied in a union or intersection kind of way (speaking in set-mathematically terms)


4. Counters on Identical Mods

In order to make every list of mods even more clearly arranged counters on identical mods should be added. This concerns mostly unleveled mods. While this is not as frustrating in the large "fusion" menu anymore as it was it is still a minor time killer, but mostly in the add/remove menu it is very annoying to have 3 pages of the same mod and looking for the one leveled in there. A small counter somewhere on the mod could just display the amount. During fusion the counter could look like 15/21 if you are using 15 of the 21 unleveled mods for the fusion process.


5. Improved Automatic Sorting

Mods with the same name displayed in a list should (unless otherwise specified by the user) should always show the highest leveled one first, the second one second and so on. (The same counts for Fusion cores) And for clarification just rename the sentinel mods like "Redirection" and "Vitality" to something else, even if its just "Vitality (Sentinel)"



I Seriously believe these changes would speed up modding tremendously and improve the fun for all of us. I have seen a lot of games and I am no foreigner to programming, so I think i have a feeling what can break a game and what's an critical improvement.


Good job so far devs!



Please support this idea.



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The ONLY thing i would add to this, is to keep the old layout as a setting that can be toggled, since i know that no matter how amazingly awesome this new system would be, Some people would like the huge mod page as it is now. I can't for the life of me think of why they wouldnt want this way instead....but it would happen.

Excellent Suggestions.

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Ever noticed that you always need to close out to the arsenal screen to confirm mod changes, only to go back in to upgrade them? I also suggest that the mod "Apply" button doesn't take the user back a screen. As I when I am configuring mods, it's disruptive to have to go back to the arsenal UI, and then back into the mod UI, and then have to go into the mod upgrade UI. As I often upgrade after I configure.


Also I agree 100% with OP's suggestions. Very well thought out and detailed suggestions. More should follow this example.

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Good ideas. 

To add on to what you have said. I think duplicates should occupy the same space. Then just show you how many are in the space in one corner, and a counter in the other if you are using them to fuse in the same way you described, besides of course leveled versions of the mod. So the lists are smaller and less time consuming to look through.


Also, I think a text conversion or view should be available. Rather than just grid view with mod cards. Then clicking the mod name could bring up a grid view of it on the side, showing you the mod and statistics and how many you have. After having tons of mods and seeing them many times, I could care less to scroll through giant picture views of mods, or try to click over pages. I'd rather just see the name and click it. 

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