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I got my Hate blueprint today, but having a lack of morphics to start making it.

Lets just say I took 4 hours to farm 3 Morphics from Cpt Vor.
With the rest of his drops ~24 of it being Detonite Ampule.


Since D.A is only used for research for Clans, it's pretty much useless for people who are either in small clans or not in any clan at all. And from that 4 hours of cpt vor-ing, The drop rate of D.A is much much higher than Ferrite or Polymer Bundle.

I know for big clans D.A is needed in massive quantities, but can it be at least be removed from Cpt Vor's stomach? With the percentage of dropping Ferrite, polymer bundle, or morphics, I guess the blue material should be placed more inside the stomachs of corpus, infestation, grineers, and within chests or stylish wardrobes.

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