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This is a thread where you can post your level ideas. post them in comments, and i will quote them.


Endless Survival- (in Waves)

Endless Survival- (they come at you, and you can extract at any time, and get a reward based on how many you killed.)

Annihilation- You have around 5 minutes, and you get a crtain reward based on how many you killed

Acrobat- you have to do certain parkour like things to get to a point, grab an item, then parkour to extraction. (Timer activates once you grab item, scales with slowest warframe in group)

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Acrobat - You need to reach your destination in the set time. You will have to do acrobatics (sliding, wall jumping, wall running) in order to get there. You'd then grab an item and get to the extraction area. (Item to extraction could be more acrobat stuff or just a plain level, where the enemy'd try to stop you instead).
Big problem I see with this: Some frames will be more advantaged than others.
In solo this can be fixed easily, make the timer scale with your frame's run/sprint speed.
In group it can be fixed by making the timer scale with the slowest frame's run/sprint speed, but requires all party members at the end objective.

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