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[Recruiting] Ascendance


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Members - Frames:

HandsOfnArtist - Frost, Excalibur

LucentsLight - Excalibur, Excalibur Prime, Trinity, Loki

LucentsStrike - Rhino, Excalibur, Ember

LucentsElement - Excalibur

OminousD - Excalibur, Volt

DoubleCrxssed - Excalibur, Ash

Screaming_Mantis - Mag, Nyx

RectalSeepage - Excalibur

Decadere - Trinity

LynxCali - Saryn

MrWadeWilson - Excalibur

Groshin - 

Imacds - 

XiyoReven - 

Pro_ -

FallenAkuma -

WandererNero -

Ayer - 


Remnantz -

Apinaheebo - 

Bigpiedude - 

Bilaalisbad13 - 

FallenAkuma - 

neverfeed - 

Port5 - 

TheGambler_BR -



To join, leave your ign in the post. 

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How many members do you have?

Anything completed in Dojo?

Where are members from (US, Europe...)?

How do you communicate (TS, Mumble, etc.)?

1. About 4 or 5.

2. No, not yet. We just started like yesterday, so we are slowly getting material to build the Great Hall and a Cross Connector right now, Soon, we will build outwards from that. 

3. Our current members are East Coast US, but we do hope to branch out from there so members who are in other places can have people to play with as well.

4. Right now, its only in-game. Maybe later, when we get more members, we might get a Teamspeak, or form a Skype group chat. More than likely, it will be a Teamspeak. 

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If you are looking for a clan that is team oriented then this is the clan for you. You can guarantee that the squads you play with will be in the missions for the same reasons as you, whether that be material gathering, boss hunting, or just running a mission. If this sounds like a clan for you then join ASCENDANCE :)

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having a problem getting into the game, it keeps saying "update failed!"  >_<

Have you put in a Support Ticket? o.o




By the way, anyone who wants to run the void, make sure to hit me up! I'll be doing void runs as much as I can!


6 keys total, with one level 3!



Right now, I'll be running with HandsOfnArtist. :P We can take two more! 

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aye~ waiting for a support agent now

I hope it gets fixed soon. Please keep us posted. We hope to see you back on soon.


On the bright side, when you get back on, I can take you for void runs. :3 Got 11-12 keys now. 


Hopefully its soon. 

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