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blades and melee


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i use the furox mainly because i dislike the look of the currently available blades, but the furox, as many agee, looks terrible and cartoon-like, which is out of place for such an aesthetically well designed game.

so either make a new melee weapon that's smaller, or make a new blade that's less silly looking. something like a tomahawk or modern/future tanto would work.

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While I agree the Furox is rather the black sheep, I don't see any problem with the Bo and all the blades. They look great, to me.

However, piggybacking with the addition of new melee weapons, I'd rather something more ninja. I understand the hammer and axe add 2h melee weapons, but they aren't very ninja; And let's face it, the Tenno are space ninjas. They need sai (think TMNT Raphael), or the sickle that has a chain attached to a weight, where the sickle is the light melee and the weight is the charged melee, or something like that. To me, a tomahawk would feel more native american than ninja.

I agree though, if DE has the time to, I think they could really benefit from looking over their melee weapons again. I can hardly call our present options bad, but I feel there could be more suiting melee weapons.

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