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Same Void Mission Drops


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hey all,community today i'm here to tell you something i am really angry about 

First : i did 10 void runs and they dropped 7 Latron Prime Barrel and 3 Latron Prime Stock i mean it's 10 void runs not 2 or 3 how can it drop 7 times the same items?


maybe it's just bad luck in fact i will try doing more void runs tell me what you think...see you!

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Not its definitelly an issue. All parts SHOULD have an equal and fair chance at dropping. The latron prime reciver and reaper prime blade seems to be much harder to drop, not just for me but basically everyone else I know in my friends and in my clan. That means it isnt just a cruel rng, it means they designed it like that so you keep coming back more and more to get the "one" part you need... why? This is especially true with how hard the keys are to find if you DONT want to spend plat on them... youd never get one at that rate.


What I think? It's probably to keep nickel and diming people, that's my opinion. Well thats not even true considering each key is worth roughly a dollar. It feels more like going up to a guy on the street hustling people with a "find the ball under the cup" game. *shakes head* I also get tired of people using the excuse of "Well they need to get money somehow" when they turn around and pull this bullS#&$ on us. Sure they need to make money and its nice to have more options to spend plat on, but they shouldn't base their buisness model around superficial ways to extort the player base that are "trying" to support them.


All I'm saying is anything involving plat to play [which is mostly true, how many keys have you found?] needs to be fairly balanced. And unless theyre going to be adding into that trading system they mentioned a means to give out these other "useless" blueprint copies to friends and clan mates who may need them I think I'm not going to be alone when I start feeling a little screwed over. Never a good idea to screw over the people supporting you...

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