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Vauban Suggestion


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so im already finished re-leveling my ash up to 6 star polarized now im on my 2nd fave frame vauban to lvl him up to 5 stars only anyway warframe wiki doesnt much help on mod build for vauban so im asking to the vauban players to share some knowledge of mod builds for him 

here is my guess for vaubans skill mods but im not sure too all of it though :(


1: Tesla trap

           focus = for damage of the traps

           continuity = for duration of the traps but im not sure if its going to work

           reach = for lightning area range? im not sure also

2: Bastille trap

           continuity = duration of the trap ? im not sure also

           reach = for range and wiki says it too

3: Vortex trap

           continuity = duration of the trap? im not sure also

           focus = vortex damage? but im not sure if its going to work for vortex

           reach = we all know vortex has a low range so it might help but i dont know if its going to work on vortex also


and thats all my guess so far, as for warframe support mods i had flow,streamline for spams

wiki doesnt much help on vaubans ability so im asking to other peoples exp on him 




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I've got focus, continuity, reach, flow, vitality, redirection, and his four abilities (all upgraded). 

Duration gets upgraded, damage gets upgraded, range gets majorly upgraded.


You can pretty much take down all the Grineer bosses with one vortex filled with

five Tesla mines. 

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The only thing I think needs to be changed with Vauban is the vortex affecting friendly tenno, it's ridiculous and causes more harm then good.


Several times it's happened when someone puts down Vortex and a friend trying to run to cover is dragged toward it, slowing his escape which causes him to be killed.

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