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Void Key Drops Within Void


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Seems like everyone's beef is the low droprate of everything within void.

Low droprate with a slow supply of void keys equals very limited content.

Not going to go into buying with platinum as everyone seems even more enraged about that so it's pretty much an argument in itself.


My suggestion is a chance to get a void key within void. Path of Exile has the same system with their endgame maps where with enough luck one can stay supplied with maps(they're items that are used to open portals) through drops on those maps.

Making the key droprate small but significant would give the acquired(through defense missions and bought) void keys more value.


Even if one didn't get any item drops within void, he may have gotten another key and therefore another chance at those items. Knowing that cancels out the fact that nothing dropped and one doesn't feel as if he just wasted a void key. Even if he didn't get the key there's still chance that he'll get it next time so it acts as a carrot on a stick.


Sure, this can interfere with profit gained from people buying void keys with platinum but if it's done right people will still be buying keys just cause they don't want to depend on drops, or farm.

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